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Kir McLeod
Nice guys finish first [Tag Zev]
Sat Jul 28, 2018 08:03

The evening was going perfectly. Kir was sitting at one of the small tables, with his arm around his girlfriend. His girlfriend. How on earth had he got this lucky? She was beautiful. She was funny. She was really, really smart. The whole evening, he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her, or stop touching her - putting an arm around her, holding her hand. No one else in the room existed for him. Only her, and she was perfect.

It had been hard to know exactly how many conventions they should keep and how many they should buck for the ball. Zevalyn had not seemed particularly fussed about whether their outfits matched, so long as they didn’t look awful together. He was hoping he had delivered on that brief. The robes he’d picked started out a dark orange at the top, fading into a yellow at the bottom. He knew that Zevalyn’s dress was a dark, almost black blue, which made him think of the night sky, and when he had seen these robes, it had made him think of sunrise. He wasn’t really a big believer in ‘opposites attract’ - he thought that he and Zevalyn went so well together because of all the things they had in common - but he thought the outfits would look nice together. He also had grown up around enough gay people that it was almost impossible to escape absorbing some fashion tips by osmosis and so, whilst he was sure he was breaking several rules, he was also pretty sure there was something about blue and orange being opposite on a colour wheel and that being a good thing. He’d also realised, as he made his way down from Teppenpaw, that each of their outfits had a nod to their house colours in them.

He had bought Zevalyn a corsage, because it felt nice to treat her romantically, although he had steered clear of real flowers, after their conversation in the hospital wing. Origami flowers seemed by far and away the most appropriate, although with the resolution of the magical illness, they were no longer within his power to make. Luckily, other people had already thought of this as a business idea, and he had been able to order one with dark blue and orange paper flowers. He was reassured to find that he thought those did look reasonably good together.
’Vanimle sila tiri, belegohtar,’ he had greeted her with a bow. For Christmas, he had asked Aunt Lola if there was such a thing as an Elvish dictionary in D&D terms - Gary was forever bringing out huge books that seemed to tell him almost everything. Elvish was one of the languages his character, Erevan could speak. He doubted he would really be able to become fluent but it would be fun to study it a bit, to be able to throw out the occasional phrase in real Elvish, instead of saying things like ‘I call him an idiot, but in Elvish so that he doesn’t understand.’. Unfortunately, no such dictionary existed, but he had received instead the books on Tolkein’s elvishes, both Quenya and Sindarian. He wasn’t sure enough of the grammar yet to really construct a sentence, but luckily the books included some common phrases. And apparently chatting up other nerds was deemed a probable enough use of the language that compliments had featured. He felt that ‘Your beauty shines bright, brave warrior’ was a nice balance of a traditional compliment with some acknowledgement of Amber’s strength. Not that Amber would have understood - she only spoke vulgar languages like orc. He wasn’t sure whether Zevalyn would though, but had been willing to translate, if requested.

The prefect dance had gone well enough. Fionn McLeod had left behind a lot of the baggage that went with being a good Pureblood boy, along with over-scheduled childhood of lessons in all the trappings of being a proper gentleman, but his wife had convinced him that one or two skills were worthwhile; that playing a musical instrument was a pleasure, and being able to dance was romantic. Kir had never been forced to go to ballroom lessons, but he’d seen his parents dance formally at weddings, or just neatly around the kitchen when the mood took them, and had learnt the basics from those situations and the informal lessons that arose from them. He tended to agree with his mother, having done it now for real, with an actual date. It was nice to let loose, to whirl through a Scottish ceilidh, or get your groove on. But there was also something to be said for holding the other person in your arms and gliding around, like you were floating on air, given that that was what he felt on the inside.

They were chit-chatting about summer plans when Professor Skies took to the stage. Kir was not naturally a competitive person, but he’d been pleased to see that Teppenpaw were leading in the house points competition the last time he’d checked Tavarius Mimms’ portrait. He liked Teppenpaw doing well, because people did sometimes make fun of them a bit. The nice house. Like there was anything wrong with being that. Every time the house cup went their way, it rather proved that point - nice guys did not finish last. He would have taken it well enough if Aladren won, because he thought he trod the line between the two, and so he was just as happy to see knowledge and learning well rewarded as he was kindness, plus it would make his date happy.

Teppenpaw took the title though, and Kir couldn’t help the broad smile that broke across his features at the announcement. Even though the jukebox thing had been mentioned at the start of the evening, he hadn’t given much thought to what he’d pick if Teppenpaw won. Someone had been rather too distracting for anything else to get much brainspace… Now he twirled the token in his fingers.

“Any requests?” he asked Zevalyn.

OOC - Kir’s robes have a colour gradiant like this. Only they’re robes, and he’s not wearing heels. They totally do the swish thing when he moves though.

Elvish compliments cribbed from here. Not sure how accurate it is.

Summary of the evening and any implied God-modding approved by Zev.

  • House Cup WinnersDH Skies, Wed Jul 18 05:19
    OOC - set later on the evening of the ball. Posted here to avoid confusion. You are welcome to post in one or both parts so long as your posts are not contradictory. IC The waltzes and other... more
    • Nice guys finish first [Tag Zev] — Kir McLeod, Sat Jul 28 08:03
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        Zevalyn had actually enjoyed the dress shopping with Georgia. Once she figured out how to recognize the too pricy stalls (step one, identify who is patronizing them; step two, look at dresses,... more
        • All about that fireworkKir and Georgia, Thu Aug 2 09:17
          “Ok. One fun dance number coming up,” he promised, leaning in to give her a quick kiss before getting out of his seat. At least, that had been the plan. It sort of turned into a slightly longer kiss... more
    • A good end of the year indeedNathan Xavier, Tue Jul 24 20:28
      The ball was going reasonably well. No prefects had danced with the scenery. Nobody had spiked the punch. He hadn’t seen any tears so far, and if any teenagers snuck out into the gardens they had... more
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