Malikhi Hill, Pecari
I'll share mine, if you share yours...
Sat Jul 28, 2018 13:07

Malikhi agreed enthusiastically with Evelyn. Anything that even remotely involved chocolate was delicious - profiteroles, brownies, chocolate cake, chocolate biscuits, chocolate mousse... Oh, he was now daydreaming about dessert and he hadn't even finished the main course. He was getting ahead of himself and, to bring him back into the present, had a mouthful of delicious, succulent chicken breast. How did they make this food so good? And addictive? Malikhi was willing to bet there was some kind of magic involved. It seemed like a reasonable thought. He'd seen his mother use magic when cooking a meal at home and wondered idly if magic indeed had a flavour... If he put his wand near his mouth and inhaled a spell, what would it taste of? He voiced these particular musings to Evelyn to get her thoughts on the matter.

He was surprised when she said she wanted to take part in his future, trouble-making endeavours. That had not been something he'd expected and he blinked, the surprise evident on his face. The thought was interesting though. He'd never had a sidekick or a partner to help in such instances. He grinned widely at the thought. With someone to help, he could make trouble on a grander, more explosive scale. That'd be awesome.

What did confuse him, though, was that she thought she was lousy at spells. They hadn't even started classes yet and she was already making assumptions about her magical ability when they hadn't even learned anything. He knew a few small spells, things that his mother had taught him when he'd first got his wand but apart from that, he knew very little else. For all they knew, he could be rubbish at both Charms and Potions and that'd be the end of his magical prank-pulling dreams forever!

In the end, he decided not to quiz her on it, in case it set her off into a fresh round of tears so, instead, he stuck out his hand and grinned widely. "I officially call us partners-in-crime!"

After that, she told him that she was looking forward to meals, friends and learning practical magic. He quite agreed with her and told her so. After all, she was already experiencing delicious food and had already made two friends so he'd call that a success so far. As for the practical magic, well, they'd just have to see how the lessons would go. Hopefully, they'd be able to sit together.

"Hey," he nudged her gently. "In classes, would you maybe want to sit together?"

  • That's not true, sometimes they ask for halfsies.Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 12:47
    Dessert sounded wonderful. "I'm a sucker for brownies. Honestly, a good brownie is totally unbeatable. But I'd take profiteroles and ice cream, too!" Evelyn admitted. She smiled, doing her best to... more
    • I'll share mine, if you share yours... — Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 13:07
      • That sounds fair.Evelyn Stones, Sat Jul 28 14:14
        Evelyn wrinkled her nose at the thought of tasting a spell, but decided the idea wasn't the worst she'd heard. She still preferred to let Malikhi try it first, though. He looked so excited that she'd ... more
        • Fair exchange is no robbery. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 14:45
          Malikhi copied Evelyn in her drink-pouring and helped himself to something that was purple and also fizzy and, when he tasted it, was delicious and sweet. He'd made a good choice, it seemed, as it... more
          • Robbery is definitely robbery thoughEvelyn Stones, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 17:31
            Evelyn had forgotten entirely about their green folders, and sort of wondered if she'd even opened hers yet. At any rate, she wasn't sure where she'd put it. She grinned sheepishly, and gratefully,... more
            • Well, is a crime a crime if we don't get caught?Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 17:51
              Malikhi was still focused on the teachers, listening with half an ear to Evelyn. He rather agreed with her assessment of Professor Wright. Maybe the man did have a secret sense of humour that would... more
              • I don't think that's how criminal justice worksEvelyn Stones, Sat Jul 28 18:04
                Evelyn was too grateful to find that Malikhi had also drank his nastiness-- rather than pretending and laughing at her when she drank it herself-- to notice right away how terrible it was. It was the ... more
                • How do you know? Are you the police?Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 18:27
                  Malikhi laughed as she refused and put his goblet back on the table, out of reach of anyone else. No one else should be subjected to such foulness. He also turned down her bet. It wasn't that he... more
                  • Yes. Stick 'em up!Evelyn Stones, Sat Jul 28 18:38
                    Evelyn grinned, satisfied that she had won a hypothetical chocolate frog from Malikhi. He didn't know it, but his friendship was tacit agreement to these sorts of bets. She wouldn't hold it to him... more
                    • Alright, I surrender. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 19:11
                      Malikhi eyed Evelyn. At eleven years old, he was only just learning about relationships and love. The love like his parents had for each other. Not, he hesitated to add to himself, that he loved... more
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