Malikhi Hill, Pecari
Fair exchange is no robbery.
Sat Jul 28, 2018 14:45

Malikhi copied Evelyn in her drink-pouring and helped himself to something that was purple and also fizzy and, when he tasted it, was delicious and sweet. He'd made a good choice, it seemed, as it was the perfect accompaniment to his meal. He clinked his goblet against hers to toast to their new friendship and new adventure that was beginning at Sonora and with a grin, drank some more.

"From what I read in the folders we received at orientation, classes are separated into three groups, depending on year. So, there's the Beginners, that's us and the second year and then years three, four and five are the Intermediates and then the Advanced classes are for years six and seven," he explained, pleased with himself that he did actually remember something from the green folders they received. "I think it's because Sonora's not exactly a big school, so it's easier to just group us all together. I think it's good though. You have more opportunities to make friends and, uh, pull a few tricks as well."

He let out a bark of laughter which was quite loud and perhaps attracted more attention than Malikhi had intended but he wasn't perturbed by it. He just grinned at a few of the people who'd turned to look before helping himself to some parsnips and carrots. His mother would scold him if he didn't eat his vegetables as well as everything else he packed away in the bottomless pit he had for a stomach.

He was pleased to hear that she'd like to sit with him as it guaranteed that he was with someone that he definitely got along with and Evelyn was very nice, despite the awkward teary meeting they had earlier. Malikhi just hoped that he could keep her smiling for a long time to come.

"What do you think of the teachers?" he asked, turning his eyes to the front of the hall where they were all seated. "The Headmaster seems kind of grumpy but the rest all look okay. I think Professor Wright was alright but I hope some of them are a bit more interesting than him, no offence to the guy. What about you?"

OOC note - Speaking of teachers, I've set up an OF thread for Mary and Tabitha as discussed :)

  • That sounds fair.Evelyn Stones, Sat Jul 28 14:14
    Evelyn wrinkled her nose at the thought of tasting a spell, but decided the idea wasn't the worst she'd heard. She still preferred to let Malikhi try it first, though. He looked so excited that she'd ... more
    • Fair exchange is no robbery. — Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 14:45
      • Robbery is definitely robbery thoughEvelyn Stones, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 17:31
        Evelyn had forgotten entirely about their green folders, and sort of wondered if she'd even opened hers yet. At any rate, she wasn't sure where she'd put it. She grinned sheepishly, and gratefully,... more
        • Well, is a crime a crime if we don't get caught?Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 17:51
          Malikhi was still focused on the teachers, listening with half an ear to Evelyn. He rather agreed with her assessment of Professor Wright. Maybe the man did have a secret sense of humour that would... more
          • I don't think that's how criminal justice worksEvelyn Stones, Sat Jul 28 18:04
            Evelyn was too grateful to find that Malikhi had also drank his nastiness-- rather than pretending and laughing at her when she drank it herself-- to notice right away how terrible it was. It was the ... more
            • How do you know? Are you the police?Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 18:27
              Malikhi laughed as she refused and put his goblet back on the table, out of reach of anyone else. No one else should be subjected to such foulness. He also turned down her bet. It wasn't that he... more
              • Yes. Stick 'em up!Evelyn Stones, Sat Jul 28 18:38
                Evelyn grinned, satisfied that she had won a hypothetical chocolate frog from Malikhi. He didn't know it, but his friendship was tacit agreement to these sorts of bets. She wouldn't hold it to him... more
                • Alright, I surrender. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 19:11
                  Malikhi eyed Evelyn. At eleven years old, he was only just learning about relationships and love. The love like his parents had for each other. Not, he hesitated to add to himself, that he loved... more
                  • What does one do when one has a surrendered boy?Evelyn Stones, Sat Jul 28 19:28
                    Well if she hadn't said stupid things before, turning the conversation to a subject she was clueless about meant she certainly had now. Her back was sore and her face felt like it was leaking and she ... more
                    • Anything you want. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 19:58
                      Malikhi blinked and was now rather confused again. She seemed to be kind of upset again and now she was going on about somebody called 'Ness' and the history of Quidditch which, in fairness, he... more
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