Tabitha Hawthorne
Then I'll pick you up.
Sat Jul 28, 2018 19:38

Tabitha couldn't help but laugh as Mary embarked on an 'ethics' dissection again but it was nice to discuss something normal and not awkward and, actually, very interesting. There was no doubt that Mary was an intelligent individual and clearly educated and thoughtful.

"You're asking if one magical being is drawn to another? I'm not sure, exactly. I mean, magic itself is a force that we don't really understand. I mean, look at us now. There's something about us that separates us from muggles. We pick up a wand and we can levitate objects or fire a hex whereas if a muggle picked up a wand, it'd just be a useless stick. An oddly sculpted stick, perhaps, but a stick nonetheless. That seems to me to suggest that we have some kind of magical core that muggles don't. Whether it can be harvested, I don't know."

She mulled what she'd just said over and felt quite sure of her musings. There had to be something different inside every witch and wizard that separated them from muggles otherwise it just didn't make any sense.

"As for the ethical methods when it comes to messing with someone's memory? It depends how you look at it. If you look at it from the government's perspective, they're just trying to protect us by keeping our existence as wizards and witches secret. I mean, it makes sense. Would you like it if someone who could do absurdly powerful things suddenly showed up? You'd panic and I guess that's what the government thinks would happen - there'd be a worldwide panic. In a remote place? I suppose it would depend how remote."

She smiled at Mary as the Potions professor relished in being at Sonora and being a teacher and having the opportunity to change the lives of future generations. She quite agreed with the witch. "It is bloody wonderful, Mary. It's a whole new life and I'm really rather excited."

There was silence between them for a few moments when Tabitha decided to help herself to some more wine. She offered the bottle in Mary's direction. "Want some?"

  • But what if I fall?Mary Brooding, Sat Jul 28 19:01
    The reminder that Tabitha was also brilliant was welcome. Mary suddenly was drawn into the intrigues of international travel, and spoke eagerly about the differences in dangers between Muggle... more
    • Then I'll pick you up. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Jul 28 19:38
      • Lift from the knees, not from the back.Mary Brooding, Sat Jul 28 19:52
        This wasn't the first time Mary had considered such questions, but certainly one of the first times she'd had someone else to consider them with. Sitting among crystal chandeliers in the hall of a... more
        • I'll be careful, don't worry.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Jul 28 20:21
          Tabitha felt that if the intensity within Mary's eyes could manifest into something physical, it would become a raging fire that would burn her. The Defence professor found that she couldn't tear her ... more
          • Then I will, too.Mary Brooding, Sat Jul 28 20:33
            Mary laughed heartily at the idea of her sweet, calm, quiet friend, sporting a lion's badge and crimson sports robes. The image was a joyous one because a little Gryffindor version of Tabitha... more
            • Good. I don't want to see you hurt. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Jul 28 21:08
              Tabitha liked that the idea of her in her teenage years amused the witch and she thanked her kindly for the compliments, mercifully without a blush colouring her cheeks this time. She was getting... more
              • Nor I you, dear friendMary Brooding, Sat Jul 28 23:48
                At some point in Tabitha's story, Mary thought to put a comforting hand on her shoulder. Or leg. Or hand. Where should she put her hand? She settled on the woman's forearm, where she hoped it... more
                • I'll look out for you. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Jul 29 07:26
                  The warmth that Tabitha felt on her arm, simply from Mary's hand was quite extraordinary. If she didn't know any better, she would've said that the Potions mistress had put some kind of heating spell ... more
                  • *blushes fiercely and dies*Mary Brooding, Sun Jul 29 15:56
                    Mary could see a sadness in her new friend, and she wondered what Tabitha saw in her. Mary knew she was a cheery person, and she went to great lengths to maintain that reputation. She smiled her... more
                    • I'm pleased that I can make you blushTabitha Hawthorne, Sun Jul 29 16:14
                      If Tabitha had had a different personality, she might have been self-conscious about how obviously British she was. After all, it wasn't just her accent and the way she said certain things that made... more
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