Mary Brooding
Nor I you, dear friend
Sat Jul 28, 2018 23:48

At some point in Tabitha's story, Mary thought to put a comforting hand on her shoulder. Or leg. Or hand. Where should she put her hand? She settled on the woman's forearm, where she hoped it wouldn't be too oppressive or too.... 'I pity you.' She didn't pity Tabitha. Everyone has a story and she couldn't pity a woman who had survived one.

"I'm glad you're here," Mary said earnestly. "And your ex sounds like his head was full of nargles. Lots of nargles."

It shouldn't have bothered her that Tabitha's dating history apparently included men. She shouldn't have been concerned to discover her friend might be straight. She shouldn't have cared. But she cared.

However, in that moment, Tabitha was sad and reminiscing, and Mary's own feelings were second or third or fourth to that.

When silence fell between them, Mary removed her hand and waited for her friend to speak first. It was enough to sit quietly amongst the ruckus of students and professors, clanging dishes, and the gentle rush of water down the walls. It wasn't really silent, but silent enough, and after a moment, Tabitha spoke again.

Mary laughed softly and then much harder as eh considered this. Her grin was wide and genuine and her eyes sparkled as she glanced at her friend. She then closed her eyes, simply enjoying the feeling of laughter.

"Well," she finally decided, having managed to regain her composure. "Let us see the Wampus Cat then!"

She knew it was a risk to suggest, and she knew she might get hurt, and she knew it might upset the Defense mistress, but she also knew it was a suggestion from the bottom of her heart.

If she was going to face a wizard-killing cat, she supposed it should be done with someone like Tabitha for...lots of reasons. All the reasons.

"And let us enjoy every single moment," she added, clanking her glass into Tabitha's and drinking the rest of her wine in a quick gulp. She hissed as it rushed through her throat.

"Doesn't hot chocolate just sound lovely?"

  • Good. I don't want to see you hurt. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Jul 28 21:08
    Tabitha liked that the idea of her in her teenage years amused the witch and she thanked her kindly for the compliments, mercifully without a blush colouring her cheeks this time. She was getting... more
    • Nor I you, dear friend — Mary Brooding, Sat Jul 28 23:48
      • I'll look out for you. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Jul 29 07:26
        The warmth that Tabitha felt on her arm, simply from Mary's hand was quite extraordinary. If she didn't know any better, she would've said that the Potions mistress had put some kind of heating spell ... more
        • *blushes fiercely and dies*Mary Brooding, Sun Jul 29 15:56
          Mary could see a sadness in her new friend, and she wondered what Tabitha saw in her. Mary knew she was a cheery person, and she went to great lengths to maintain that reputation. She smiled her... more
          • I'm pleased that I can make you blushTabitha Hawthorne, Sun Jul 29 16:14
            If Tabitha had had a different personality, she might have been self-conscious about how obviously British she was. After all, it wasn't just her accent and the way she said certain things that made... more
            • I'll work to return the favorMary Brooding, Sun Jul 29 16:54
              Mary blushed and then smirked as she relaxed again. She'd been caught out and realized she didn't mind. Excitement came over her next, and she leaned into that feeling, appreciating its simplicity.... more
              • I hope you will return... many things. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Jul 29 17:27
                It had been some time since Tabitha had been truly curious about something and it surprised her even more that it was about food, instead of a creature or beast that she hadn't yet encountered or... more
                • Like library books?Mary Brooding, Sun Jul 29 17:51
                  A smirk seemed to have settled itself permanently onto Mary's face. She had never seen someone take such a clinical view of a marshmallow, and the way Tabitha pinched the little squish between two... more
                  • I was thinking of something a bit more... personal.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Jul 29 18:32
                    Tabitha finished her delectable treat and licked at her fingers. It had been truly a new experience and delightful one, in more ways than just tasting something new. It was also nice that she'd... more
                    • Like socks?Mary Brooding, Sun Jul 29 19:09
                      The way Tabitha asked this last question, leaning back in her chair, made Mary think she was curious. This made sense, considering the conversations they'd had so far. However, the way Tabitha asked... more
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