Tabitha Hawthorne
I'll look out for you.
Sun Jul 29, 2018 07:26

The warmth that Tabitha felt on her arm, simply from Mary's hand was quite extraordinary. If she didn't know any better, she would've said that the Potions mistress had put some kind of heating spell on her own hand. There was something about the woman in general that Tabitha couldn't quite put her finger on. She exuded warmth and was so terribly lovely that Tabitha found her whole personality rather incredible. The woman had lost her entire family when she was still in school, still essentially just a child, and Tabitha knew that tragedies like that could twist someone into a bitter and vile person who hated everyone and everything but Mary wasn't like that. Somehow, the witch was still a positive force and wonderful company. So much so that Tabitha felt rather lucky to have met her.

The Defence teacher was quite convinced that if Mary hadn't have come to Sonora, hadn't applied for the Potions position, she would be sitting alone at the table. Sure, she perhaps would have chatted idly to some of the other teachers as that was only polite but there was something about Mary... She felt much more at ease with the witch than she had with anyone else for a long time. It was interesting, lovely and absolutely terrifying, all at the same time. Tabitha wasn't quite sure what to make of it.

In the end, she settled for simply placing her own hand above Mary's and squeezing it in thanks for her unspoken support through her tale of woe. It confirmed her thoughts that Mary's hands were indeed really rather warm and, Tabitha thought with surprise, really rather nice to hold as well. What should have been a momentary hold on, a silent thank you, turned into something longer, Tabitha no longer really thinking about it.

She laughed when Mary suggested to go and see the Wampus Cat themselves. That was quite a quest to offer to go on when they hadn't known each other for very long - the Appalachian Trail was some one and half thousand miles and, in order to maximise the chances of finding the elusive Wampus Cat, they would have to walk the entire length of it. It was quite incredible that Mary saw it as something worth undertaking, simply because Tabitha had mentioned that she hadn't seen one.

Still, she said nothing about it, not wanting to shatter what a nice thought it was to take on such a journey with Mary. Tabitha had been planning to go, eventually, perhaps at the end of the year in the height of summer. That was a long way away though. There was the Christmas holidays first. Tabitha would have to consult her books to see where they could go and spend Christmas. The Defence mistress knew, really, that she was thinking under the assumption that Mary would indeed want to go anywhere over Christmas. If she didn't, then Tabitha could always go alone but, for some reason, she didn't enjoy that idea as much.

Tabitha finally dropped Mary's hand when she mentioned hot chocolate and she admitted that a hot drink sounded delightful, especially accompanied with some dessert. Tabitha looked the length of the table and spotted a steaming jug of hot chocolate just nearby, surrounded also by whipped cream and marshmallows. Yes, that would be perfect.

"Would you like any more dessert?" she asked Mary as she also spotted and subsequently helped herself to some very delicious looking chocolate fudge cake and paired it with some pouring cream.

  • Nor I you, dear friendMary Brooding, Sat Jul 28 23:48
    At some point in Tabitha's story, Mary thought to put a comforting hand on her shoulder. Or leg. Or hand. Where should she put her hand? She settled on the woman's forearm, where she hoped it... more
    • I'll look out for you. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Jul 29 07:26
      • *blushes fiercely and dies*Mary Brooding, Sun Jul 29 15:56
        Mary could see a sadness in her new friend, and she wondered what Tabitha saw in her. Mary knew she was a cheery person, and she went to great lengths to maintain that reputation. She smiled her... more
        • I'm pleased that I can make you blushTabitha Hawthorne, Sun Jul 29 16:14
          If Tabitha had had a different personality, she might have been self-conscious about how obviously British she was. After all, it wasn't just her accent and the way she said certain things that made... more
          • I'll work to return the favorMary Brooding, Sun Jul 29 16:54
            Mary blushed and then smirked as she relaxed again. She'd been caught out and realized she didn't mind. Excitement came over her next, and she leaned into that feeling, appreciating its simplicity.... more
            • I hope you will return... many things. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Jul 29 17:27
              It had been some time since Tabitha had been truly curious about something and it surprised her even more that it was about food, instead of a creature or beast that she hadn't yet encountered or... more
              • Like library books?Mary Brooding, Sun Jul 29 17:51
                A smirk seemed to have settled itself permanently onto Mary's face. She had never seen someone take such a clinical view of a marshmallow, and the way Tabitha pinched the little squish between two... more
                • I was thinking of something a bit more... personal.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Jul 29 18:32
                  Tabitha finished her delectable treat and licked at her fingers. It had been truly a new experience and delightful one, in more ways than just tasting something new. It was also nice that she'd... more
                  • Like socks?Mary Brooding, Sun Jul 29 19:09
                    The way Tabitha asked this last question, leaning back in her chair, made Mary think she was curious. This made sense, considering the conversations they'd had so far. However, the way Tabitha asked... more
                    • Ew, I don't want your socks!Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Jul 29 20:14
                      Tabitha was quiet through the entirety of Mary's answer as she felt that it was a very important thing to listen to. It was a question that was designed to drag out a revealing part of the other... more
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