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A pretty thought.
Sun Jul 29, 2018 15:04

Dark blue-grey eyes widened in surprise when Dorian began speaking Russian, even saying her name correctly. Tatya had said she had tried to teach her friends some Russian, but after all the English Katya’s poor ears had been subjected to today, it was still almost a shock to hear words which simply moved from ear to comprehension without the slightest pause. She suddenly understood why Tatya got so cross when they were encouraged to speak English with each other over the summers, or when Katya tried to speak English with her when she was home.

“Blagodaryu vas,” said Katya in thanks for the welcome, and she beamed at the compliment on her French. “Merci beaucoup,” she said. “J’ai étudié pour quatre ans. J’aime les langues.”

Her smile faded, though, when she was asked about Orientation. “Professor Writ – Tatya skazala ‘tak mnogo slov’!’, i ona byl prava. No on byl khorosh,” she said. Tatya said ‘so many words!’, and she was right. But he was nice. Of course, then the rest of Orientation had happened. Katya didn’t want to talk about that, though. Mama frowned severely on complaining, especially from a young lady. A young lady was expected to maintain her poise no matter what. “La salle de cascade c’est trés belle. C’est tojours belle, ou…unique à la fête?” she asked, hesitating slightly as she tried to figure out how to ask if the Hall was always this beautiful or if it was a special effect put on just for the occasion of the Feast.

  • No one can make you feel inferior without your consentDorian Montoir, Sun Jul 29 01:03
    Dorian took his seat at the Teppenpaw table feeling blissfully happy. His summer had been wonderful. The weeks spent in China had been perfect - great food, beautifully scenery, and plenty of time... more
    • A pretty thought. — Katerina, Sun Jul 29 15:04
      • And trueDorian Montoir, Mon Jul 30 08:53
        He assumed that was good staring. Katerina was looking at him all wide eyed, in what he hoped was pleased surprise and not incomprehension at the jabber of syllables he had just produced. He had... more
        • “Oui,” said Katya, glowing with pride at all these compliments. “J’ai étudié un peu l’allemand.” Katya was also good at and enjoyed her lessons – less formal ones than what she learned with Anton... more
          • Katerina seemed to be relaxing - she looked happier and more animated. He did not attribute anywhere near as much of this to himself as he probably should have done. Certainly, he assumed he was... more
            • Very well, then, I allow it.Katerina, Tue Jul 31 22:41
              Katya shared in the conspiratorial smile, thinking that this was very like Tatya – Katya wouldn’t think of ordering someone here to study Russian, but that was Tatiana. Her sister wanted what she... more
              • Glad to hear itDorian, Thu Aug 2 07:31
                Mozhesh and mogu were so very different sounding that it was hard to recognise that they were conjugations of the same verb. But, as often happened, there was enough meaning in the words he did get... more
                • I will try to return the favor.Katerina, Thu Aug 2 20:51
                  The next sequence of French had unfamiliar vocabulary in it, but concentrating, and picking out words she did know, Katya thought she got most of the gist of it – that Dorian knew that Byzantiya was... more
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