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Amelia Layne
Layne's Reprise: A Tolerable Return.
Sun Jul 29, 2018 17:12

Summer had begun, as expected, in an uneventful fashion. Amelia had spent her time reading, dutifully looking at the CATS prep books it had seemed everyone in the family had seen fit to buy her, visiting relatives, listening to her grandparents complain about how Lionel had quit his job. Alicia had had her up for tea at Mount Pierce once, which had been a brief flurry of excitement that had involved being crushed into a new dress and Grandmother trying desperately to make Amelia’s golden-brown hair look familiar with the concept of a hairbrush, but the actual occasion had been so dull as to make the prelude ridiculous – Alexander and Nicholas were just learning to walk, and so Alicia tended to have her eyes on them even when speaking to other people, and the least whimper of ‘Mama!’ or extension of a pair of tiny hands would have her out of her seat in a flash.

It was strange – once, Alicia had been held up to Amelia as everything she ought to aspire to be, the picture of ambition and determination, but now it seemed Alicia’s favorite topic of conversation was how many words her toddlers could say and wondering who would become a steady independent walker first. All that sparkle and ambition, all those RATS – and as far as Amelia could tell they were going for nothing now.

Amelia had thought about that for two days, and then she had caught a bus to her uncle’s and told him that if Lionel didn’t want to work with him, she would. Uncle Geoff had laughed at her. She had told him she wasn’t joking. She had spent most of the rest of the summer in her uncle’s workshop, either measuring or pounding things to powder, or else studying under his supervision.

To her, it all seemed very simple. She had to do something, and the easier a time she had finding her way into that something, and the easier it was when she started, the less headachy adult life would be. Using the connections she had and learning as much as she could right now would translate into being able to make more money and making more money would translate into more comforts and less stress. Amelia had assumed for a while that she was missing something – why had Lionel thrown aside good opportunities to go write pamphlets or whatever – but she was now pretty sure that Lionel was just…being Lionel, and that being Lionel meant being too much like their mama – just kind of ‘going with it,’ living life as they pleased, not worrying too much about trouble until it was right on top of them. At least Lionel couldn’t get pregnant.

Amelia, theoretically, could, but that was another reason to stay busy with other things. She didn’t think that would hold much water as an excuse for feeling a twinge of envy when Emerald got the prefect badge, though, so she guessed she and Flo could commiserate over that like normal people.

“Yeah, I think so,” said Amelia when Gary asked if she was glad to be back. “I kept busy this summer in my uncle’s lab, but it’ll be good to, you know, be able to do hands-on stuff besides just using a mortar and pestle again. I missed being able to cast spells. How about you?”

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    • Layne's Reprise: A Tolerable Return. — Amelia Layne, Sun Jul 29 17:12
      • The saga continues to continueGary Harper, Tue Jul 31 20:51
        "You got to work in a lab? That had to be cool. What all did you get to do?" Gary's mind was naturally filled with bunson burners, bubbling chemicals, jacob's ladders, arcing electricity and giant... more
        • I suppose that beats the alternative.Amelia, Mon Aug 13 22:39
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          • Indeed, nowhere to go but up. I hope.Gary, Sat Aug 18 10:01
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