What about making you feel good about yourself?
Mon Jul 30, 2018 23:34

“Oui,” said Katya, glowing with pride at all these compliments. “J’ai étudié un peu l’allemand.”

Katya was also good at and enjoyed her lessons – less formal ones than what she learned with Anton Petrovich, but lessons nonetheless – in sewing and art with her mama, but she was fairly sure that these feminine pursuits would be of little interest to Tatya’s kind, flattering friend. They were not even of much interest to Tatya, after all, and Tatya was actually also feminine. Tatya understood some of the principles of color and proportion, that was essential to dressing properly and, of course, her beloved jewels, but Tatya didn’t like sitting quietly to sew.

“J’aime histoire aussi,” she added, deeming that probably more interesting for conversation.

Dorian Montoir confirmed that Professor Wright was a nice and likable person. “Khorosho – c’est bon,” she said. “Les charmes – c’est…la bonne chose?” She made a face, realizing that ‘the charms – they are the good thing?’ might not exactly be clear enough to get a response. Especially since she had let her French grammar slip; in what French she knew, questions were usually grammatically marked much more explicitly than they were in Russian, where the main marker was intonation. He might think she was making a really silly statement. “The class – it is a good class, yes?” she asked, hoping that would be clearer, mimicking as it did the way Tatya spoke English sometimes.

Katya smiled again when she heard the Hall was always so finely turned out. “Oui, š'il tu plait,” she said. “Tam – ah, il y a – c’est canard à la – je ne sais pas le mot – on dit mindal’ en Russe.” ‘Almonds’ was not a word she could call to mind quickly in either French or English. The dish, however, looked appetizing, and also something that could be passed to her and transferred to her plate without much risk of a mess, which was an important consideration in this social eating. “J’aime canard et mindal’,” she explained.

  • And trueDorian Montoir, Mon Jul 30 08:53
    He assumed that was good staring. Katerina was looking at him all wide eyed, in what he hoped was pleased surprise and not incomprehension at the jabber of syllables he had just produced. He had... more
    • What about making you feel good about yourself? — Katerina, Mon Jul 30 23:34
      • Katerina seemed to be relaxing - she looked happier and more animated. He did not attribute anywhere near as much of this to himself as he probably should have done. Certainly, he assumed he was... more
        • Very well, then, I allow it.Katerina, Tue Jul 31 22:41
          Katya shared in the conspiratorial smile, thinking that this was very like Tatya – Katya wouldn’t think of ordering someone here to study Russian, but that was Tatiana. Her sister wanted what she... more
          • Glad to hear itDorian, Thu Aug 2 07:31
            Mozhesh and mogu were so very different sounding that it was hard to recognise that they were conjugations of the same verb. But, as often happened, there was enough meaning in the words he did get... more
            • I will try to return the favor.Katerina, Thu Aug 2 20:51
              The next sequence of French had unfamiliar vocabulary in it, but concentrating, and picking out words she did know, Katya thought she got most of the gist of it – that Dorian knew that Byzantiya was... more
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