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Gary Harper
The saga continues to continue
Tue Jul 31, 2018 20:51

"You got to work in a lab? That had to be cool. What all did you get to do?" Gary's mind was naturally filled with bunson burners, bubbling chemicals, jacob's ladders, arcing electricity and giant computers. Then as she mentioned mortar and pestle, he remembered where he was now and the kind of person he was talking to. His mental image switched over to the interior of a tall stone tower. It was filled with dusty old bookshelves and unidentifiable spell components. The bubbling chemicals were still there, just simmering over a cauldron while lightning flashed in the storm brewing outside.

He shook his head a little to return to reality. "Sorry, yeah I missed casting spells as well. I couldn't even talk about school at home." He didn't mind not talking much to June, Jeremy or Sasha, but he couldn't even find enough alone time with his Dad to talk about stuff. Oh well, that should all change by the time he got home again. Hopefully. He thought he'd better clarify a bit though, "Dad got re-married over the summer, and things were crazy. Dad's going to bring June up to speed now that they're married. I'm not sure about her kids though. I guess we'll see."

Ok, enough small talk. Time to get down to serious business, "So, do you think you'll be joining us gaming again this term? I was going to see if anyone wanted to make their own characters for the next adventure, instead of the pre-generated ones I gave you all last year."

  • Layne's Reprise: A Tolerable Return.Amelia Layne, Sun Jul 29 17:12
    Summer had begun, as expected, in an uneventful fashion. Amelia had spent her time reading, dutifully looking at the CATS prep books it had seemed everyone in the family had seen fit to buy her,... more
    • The saga continues to continue — Gary Harper, Tue Jul 31 20:51
      • I suppose that beats the alternative.Amelia, Mon Aug 13 22:39
        “Not much, really,” said Amelia regretfully when Gary asked what she had gotten to do in a lab over the summer. “My uncle made me learn more lists than I want to think about by heart before I was... more
        • Indeed, nowhere to go but up. I hope.Gary, Sat Aug 18 10:01
          "Well, that shouldn't be a problem," Gary responded to Ameilia's comment about getting an O+, "You just need to get all the answers correct. That's the point of coming to the school, right? Learn how ... more
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