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Very well, then, I allow it.
Tue Jul 31, 2018 22:41

Katya shared in the conspiratorial smile, thinking that this was very like Tatya – Katya wouldn’t think of ordering someone here to study Russian, but that was Tatiana. Her sister wanted what she wanted and often demanded it without a second thought. She should have been a man, Katya thought – it would have suited her better. Except for not being able to wear such pretty jewelry.

“Ty mozhesh’ poprakitkovat’sya so mnoi esli ya mogu poprakitkovat’sya so toboi,” said Katerina. You can practice with me if I can practice with you was a far more conditional, presumptive kind of statement than she was accustomed to make, but it was the first sentence Katya could think of which let her correct his verb conjugation in a sentence instead of either ignoring the mistake or pointing it out as a mistake. Besides, she couldn’t say she disliked the idea of him taking her up on the offer.

Katya thought for a word, but couldn’t find one which she thought her new friend was likely to understand when it came to discussing her favorite historical times. “J’aime l’histoire…Rimskaya Imperiya, i Byzantiya,” she said. “Je suis desolée – ya ne znayu eto v Frantsuzskii. I am want to learn more history of…not-Russkii.”

“Trés impressionnat,” said Katya, incorrectly finishing her own verb, when Dorian said he liked philosophy. She assumed this was the same thing as filosofiya based on sound alone.

She nodded when he asked for a moment to think in Russian. To her, thinking in Russian was automatic and natural, but to him it was – well – just like her trying to think in French or English. Not only did one have to find the word, but one also had to say them in the right order and with the right verbs and without mixing in similar-sounding words – in the worst-case scenario, false friends – from one’s usual language. “Khoroshii uchitel’,” said Katya this time, but only because she had been asked directly. “Ya ponimayu,” she assured him. I understand.

“Tatya telled me much about you,” said Katya. “Ty govorish’ po-Angliiski, po-Frantsuzskii, i po-kitaiskii, da?”

  • Katerina seemed to be relaxing - she looked happier and more animated. He did not attribute anywhere near as much of this to himself as he probably should have done. Certainly, he assumed he was... more
    • Very well, then, I allow it. — Katerina, Tue Jul 31 22:41
      • Glad to hear itDorian, Thu Aug 2 07:31
        Mozhesh and mogu were so very different sounding that it was hard to recognise that they were conjugations of the same verb. But, as often happened, there was enough meaning in the words he did get... more
        • I will try to return the favor.Katerina, Thu Aug 2 20:51
          The next sequence of French had unfamiliar vocabulary in it, but concentrating, and picking out words she did know, Katya thought she got most of the gist of it – that Dorian knew that Byzantiya was... more
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