Tarquin Fox-Reynolds
Should we panic?
Wed Aug 1, 2018 07:13

Summer had been very enjoyable. For the first time in a long time, he and Danny had had a holiday that was just the two of them. In spite of both their children being adults, they had still tended to take them on holiday… From their point of view as parents, it was always good to have some family time, and as perpetual students with long summers but little money, there was no reason for his children to refuse a holiday where they didn’t have to pay. But this year, Henny was finishing up her PhD, so was busy, and had opted to have a short break with Niall. Charlie had various projects on the go, and had also headed off with a group of friends on the kind of trip Tarquin suspected he did not want too much information about. Which had all been very convenient, as it saved him and Danny the difficulty of how to explain to them that they did not want their company for once. After the horrific year last year, with the quarantine and… everything, they had needed some quality time together. He and Danny had had a lazy two weeks by the beach. This played a little more to Danny's tastes than Tarquin's. He preferred historic buildings and museums over sand and sun but he had had to admit that peace and quiet had sounded preferable to the hustle and bustle of a city. He had just wanted time with his husband. And Tarquin liked ocean views - who could not find the endless crashing of waves a little hypnotic? Hypnotic because they were so repetitive. swell and break, swell and break, and also because each one was different. They existed in a state of flux - simultaneously the same and different, until you actually looked and decided. Schroedinger's waves.

And now it was back to school. He had left his husband with a promise that he’d miss him all day long. It had held true, but at no point more so than when he came to take his seat for the feast. Tarquin did not eat that many meals at school - his hours in the library were designed to coincide with the students’ leisure time, and it made more sense to eat at home, just at admittedly odd hours. The prairie elves did a spectacular job, of course, he could not fault their cooking, nor the range of dishes on offer. He just thought that dinner for two at the kitchen table was nicer than any feast.

He helped himself to what looked to be boeuff bourguignon, and poured himself a glass of red wine to accompany it - an act which brought back memories of last year’s feast with Sophie. He was sad to see her go, especially under circumstances that sounded less than pleasant and happy. He turned to offer his neighbour some wine, but found that Grayson’s glass was already filled and being profered in a toast.

“Same to you,” he replied, with the same tone, clinking glasses with the Charms teacher. Tarquin had deliberately steered clear of the new people. He was sure they were all… perfectly fine and such, but he wasn’t sure he had New People energy right now. Admittedly, his interactions with Grayson had been limited but… well, that was sort of, in a sense, why he liked him. He suspected that the man knew when there had been enough peopling, and that perhaps they had similar tolerance levels for the activity. The conversations they had had also been very interesting. “How was your summer?” he asked politely. “Read any good books lately?” he added, his tone playful. A cliched question but one he hoped he might get a genuinely interesting answer to.

  • All back to not as before.Grayson Wright, Sun Jul 29 19:54
    They had been reasonably cooperative during their social time in the Gardens and their guided tour of the school, but Gray was still deeply grateful when the time came to hand off the first years to... more
    • Should we panic? — Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Wed Aug 1 07:13
      • If you think it'll help, sure.Grayson Wright, Wed Aug 1 19:16
        How was your summer was, Gray thought, a somewhat complicated question, at least if one did not simply say ‘fine’ and drop the subject. Since there was little else to discuss on the first day of... more
        • I fear change. And sexy vampires.Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sun Aug 12 05:36
          “Oh, very much so. Thank you,” Tarquin smiled. He was not given to overly animated facial expressions but he did both look and sound very genuinely pleased and excited at the fact that not only had... more
          • Change is...not my favorite thing, either.Grayson Wright, Tue Aug 14 12:47
            “Somewhat,” said Gray, shrugging a tad indifferently, on the subject of whether or not it had been productive as well as interesting. “I’m trying to get used to working in prose, there were some... more
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