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Dorian Montoir
See the lights, see the party, the ballgowns
Wed Aug 1, 2018 09:17

The trouble with trying to surprise an Aladren was that they were just too darn logical. The suggestion of getting ready together had been rebuffed as impractical, and Dorian had regretted making that his pretext. He knew Jehan wouldn’t turn him down or hurt him deliberately, but he had come it from the point of view of a practical arrangement. Dorian had made a vague attempt to re-explain himself, to try to ask… But he’d hexed himself in the foot with the ‘getting ready’ excuse and he couldn’t make his words work properly given that a) there was no logic to what he had said, he had merely been looking for an excuse and b) he was struggling to counter Jehan’s points in one of his weaker languages. He had tried to reiterate that it was more about spending time together but, especially as he had managed to draw attention to the fact that they needed to get ready, that had ruled out meeting up before the ball. It would have been ideal if Jehan had seen through his flimsy excuse just enough to realise that all Dorian wanted was his attention but not to realise that anything beyond that was going on. But Jehan hadn’t - had just seen it as a practical arrangement, which Dorian’s suggestion very much was not, and Dorian had had to go back to trimming his hedge, trying to not look hurt at the idea of Jehan not wanting to spend time with him. Given how bad he usually was at hiding his feelings, he wasn’t sure he had completely managed this.

He had continued to practise the poem, just in case, though with substantially less enthusiasm. He had also made a new copy - there was the original copy in the library book but he would have had to shrink that to fit it in his pocket for the ball, and if he did it wrong he might damage a library book, which was not a crime he was willing to commit, and there was the copy he had first made, but that had all his annotations about meaning and pronunciation. It was tempting to use that version to underline the point of how much effort he had made here, but the whole point of making so much effort had been to be perfect at it, and advertising the long and tortuous route he’d taken to said perfectionism rather undermined that point. So he had had the librarian use the duplication charm to help him make a new copy from the book.

The odds of a quiet moment were not in his favour. As far as he knew, the most likely make up of their group was three boys (him, Jehan and Vlad) to two girls (Tatya and Ruby). That meant that at any time if the girls wanted to be dancing, either he or Jehan would be occupied. At any point at which they did not want to be dancing, they would also be around. That had been rather his whole point with the idea of him and Jehan spending time together before the ball. Jehan had also pointed out how Dorian had said he wanted to spend time with everyone. And that was true. He did. He wanted to be with all his friends. He hadn’t chosen to take a date because he wasn’t in love with either of the girls of his acquaintance, and taking a date for the sake of it seemed silly, it was just choosing one friend over the others. But why did that have to be mutually exclusive with spending time alone with Jehan?

He had told Vlad he would meet him downstairs, and to tell Ruby the same, as he had been ready (intentionally) rather too early. He waited in the foyer, scanning the crowd, before making his way into the hall. It was not Jehan who found him first though, but Tatya. He smiled at the sight of her, especially in that shade of almost royal blue. It was a colour he liked a lot. Especially paired with the little hints of yellow. He… he supposed Tatya put those together a lot. He was fairly sure they were her favourites. That was probably why it struck a chord, and felt familiar and pleasant to his eye.

“Ochen kraseevaia,” taking even more care than usual to make sure he got his adjective correctly inflected. Tatya, for all she could seem prone to temper, would never really be upset or insulted if he got it wrong - in lessons she would chide him ‘Ya ne malen'kiy mal'chik’ (but only jokingly) if he got her wrong, or laugh ‘ty devushka, Dorya?’ if he got his own endings wrong (meant jokingly, but which hurt him more than she intended). Although he knew he would be forgiven, he did not want to imply she was masculine on the evening of the ball, and taking the time to be extra certain that he would not unintentionally do so seemed worthwhile.

Part of him wanted to search for Jehan still, but he knew it would be rude to be inattentive to Tatiana, so he focussed on her instead, assuming that the others would find them easily.

“We will have a fun evening. Us all together,” he stated with a smile.

OOC - Ochen kraseevaia - Very pretty (for a girl)
Ya ne malen'kiy mal'chik - I am not a boy
Ty devushka, Dorya? - Are you a girl, Dorian?

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    • See the lights, see the party, the ballgowns — Dorian Montoir, Wed Aug 1 09:17
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