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Zevalyn Ives
Perfecting the swish and twirl
Wed Aug 1, 2018 09:51

Zevalyn had actually enjoyed the dress shopping with Georgia. Once she figured out how to recognize the too pricy stalls (step one, identify who is patronizing them; step two, look at dresses, imagine them in white, and determine if they are too fancy to wear to her own wedding), she enjoyed trying on a variety of styles and experimenting with some wizarding designs that actually moved around on the fabric.

Those were interesting, but ultimately too strange to her muggle raised senses.

She eventually ended up in a shop catering to Aladrens. She wasn’t quite sure why her House was so special - there wasn’t a Teppenpaw one for Georgia - but she wasn’t going to complain because that’s where she found it. It was long and sleek and a blue so dark it was basically black (which was fitting because Aladren’s other House color was black) but when she moved and the light hit it just right it shimmered royal blue in a way that could only (and accurately) be described as magical. The effect was subtle enough that any muggle looking at would be impressed but they would have no cause suspect supernatural enhancement.

Zevalyn loved it. She spent long enough twirling in front of her mirror, just watching its dark lines glimmer into brilliance, to be grateful she didn’t have any roommates anymore.

Eventually though, it was time to go down to the ball and meet up with Kir. She wasn’t at all skilled with makeup and hadn’t yet found a charm that did it the way she wanted it done, so she didn’t bother. Kir seemed to like her natural face just fine and she doubted anyone else would be paying much attention to that part of her when she was wearing such a shimmery dress.

She did put her blond hair up into a rather fancy updo. Zevalyn rarely bothered doing more than brushing it most days, though she did put it into a simple braid when she was being Amber because Amber would need it out of her way in game. Today, it was closer to something Princess Leia had worn (Leia being Zevalyn’s best role model for fancy hair) - except Zevalyn’s hair was rather shorter, thinner, and lighter. Given those limitation, she had duplicated the Cloud City bun and loops as best she could. Magic helped some, but her loops were definitely still smaller than Leia’s had been.

She thought it still looked pretty though, and she liked the way the loopies flopped around while she was doing her dress twirling, too. All in all, she thought she’d have a lot of fun on the dance floor tonight.

Kir was hard to miss once she got down to the Hall and she complimented his colorful outfit, which was quite eye-catching and suited him very well. She wondered if the yellow in it was as intentional a nod to his house as her dress was to hers. He looked quite handsome either way, and she loved the way they swished. As a couple they were definitely going to need to do a lot of swishing and spinning tonight to show off their outfits to their best effect.

She laughed in warm appreciation for the paper flower corsage and the elvish compliment he gave her. At least, she assumed it was Elvish, and a compliment. It had a similar sound to the the things the elves said in the Lord of the Rings movies. “Thank you, my dear elf. I’ll be able to keep it forever!” she declared in delight when she saw the flowers weren’t real and therefore not doomed it die. She might ask later what it was he’d said in Elvish, but for now she didn’t want to ruin the moment by asking for a translation. His eyes and tone told her well enough that it was something nice, and the fact that he had learn some Elvish for her told her far more than whatever the actual words translated to.

They danced in the prefect dance, and Zevalyn couldn’t help thinking they might be one of the more striking couples on the floor, even without spending a fortune on their clothes. The thought pleased her.

After that dance, she was also pleased by how much she had captivated Kir’s attention. The dress definitely gave her a charisma bonus tonight, she decided. They danced a bunch more, enjoying the excuse to be so close to one another, not that Kir seemed to need one, even off the dance floor. Still, it was a ball. Being couple-y was basically as encouraged tonight as it was normally discouraged, and they took advantage of it.

They were taking a breather and chatting about their upcoming summers when the House Cup was awarded to Teppenpaw. Not too surprising really, given the size of their lead the last time she’d checked in with Professor Mims.

She smiled and shook her head. “Oh no, your House won,” she reminded him. “You get to made the choice. But maybe something fun to dance to?” she suggested with a playful wink.

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    • Perfecting the swish and twirl — Zevalyn Ives, Wed Aug 1 09:51
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