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Kir and Georgia
All about that firework
Thu Aug 2, 2018 09:17

“Ok. One fun dance number coming up,” he promised, leaning in to give her a quick kiss before getting out of his seat. At least, that had been the plan. It sort of turned into a slightly longer kiss than anticipated. “As soon as you stop distracting me…” he murmured. He allowed himself one more kiss, and for his hand to squeeze hers (the one with the corsage on, the corsage that she had said she could keep forever) before pulling himself away to head to the jukebox, frequently glancing back at Zevalyn as he did so, apparently awestruck by her presence in his reality.

He arrived at the jukebox about the same time as Georgia, which reminded him of his first meeting with her, when he had been singing ‘I Am What I Am’ and she had asked if it was about Muggleborns. Something like that would be good. Only not that, because it was a) more anthemic than strictly dancy and b) it did not feel like a song he and Zevalyn would dance to as a couple. But something that had a message about being yourself without being quite so melodramatically gay - of course, all songs with that message ended up beloved by the LGBTQIA+ community, but there were some that were more deeply entrenched than others. Some could just be for anyone who needed a boost in their self-esteem. That was definitely what a Teppenpaw victory song should have its message.

“Any ideas what you’re going for?” he asked Georgia. Her date was currently at the jukebox but she was hanging back uncertainly.

“Not sure…” she replied, fiddling with her token slightly self-consciously. “It’s kinda hard to choose.”

“Well… do you have a song that just… makes you want to get up and dance? That’s like, your go to happy song?”

“Yes….” she admitted, a little awkwardly, “Can’t exactly see it being a floor filler though.”

“Who cares?” Kir smiled, hoping he could get Georgia feeling positive, “It’s your song, not theirs.”

“I care! What if your song comes on and everyone is like, oh my god, that is so lame. And no one wants to dance to it.”
This was not a dilemma Kir had ever considered. If that happened to him, he suspected he would just spin around the dancefloor by himself like an idiot because he had literally no shame. He didn’t think that was going to be a winning suggestion with Georgia though.
“I promise I’ll dance to it,” he assured her.

“You don’t even know what song it is.”

“Yeah, but it’s your happy song, and nothing should stop you from putting that on.” And I have almost literally no concept of embarrassment or self-consciousness, which helps he added, but only to himself because it seemed Georgia had enough to cover both of them and he didn’t want to rub it in. “Go on, what is it?”

“Do you know ‘All About That Bass’ by Meghan Trainor.”

“Yes!” he replied, “I do and I love it and you should absolutely play it. After you,” he gestured, noticing that the jukebox was free, but following to make sure she followed through on that choice. Once she had, he programmed in ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry. Joe’s song was playing ahead of theirs, so he made his way back to Zevalyn, although he wasn’t adverse to dancing to the other Teppenpaws’ choices. In fact, he thought it lacked house spirit not to, so he paused short of their seats, holding his hand out in invitation instead.

“One party classic, befitting of Teppenpaw spirit, coming right up. After Joe and Georgia’s choices. Do you want to… maybe join them for a bit?” he asked, and then deciding he couldn’t just pretend that was a casual idea, he added, “I uh, promised Georgia I’d dance to her song with her if no one else did,” he added, suddenly wondering whether this was going to be a problem. “She was worried no one would like it and I didn’t want her to be too self-conscious to put it on. I mean, it’s not like dancing dancing. We can all dance together to it, if you want to as well. Is… is that ok?” he checked.

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