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Cleo James
Fri Aug 3, 2018 06:29

Cleo’s summer had actually really been quite good. The quarantine last year had possibly helped with that in some ways. At Midterm, she had still been mixed up, confused and angry over the fact that her daddy had waited so long to tell her the truth. It would possibly have been a miserable Christmas. As it was, she ended up stuck at school, and by the time summer rolled around, she was just so desperate to see him again that none of it mattered any more. It also helped that she had worked through some of it with Parker. The whole ‘half veela’ thing still scared and confused her - she still didn’t want to be it, if given a choice - but, as having a choice in the matter seemed pretty unlikely, she supposed she could be said to be dealing with it. Summer had just involved her and daddy doing all their usual things - running the shop, gardening in the allotment, listening to the wireless - and it had been perfect.

Now she was back at school, ready to see what Sonora held for her in her fourth year. Hopefully a lot less drama and adventure than her third… There was still a lot to deal with though. She felt less upset about her situation but was still concerned about control, especially as she was now conscious of how she was growing up… Her daddy had shirked relatively few of the duties of raising a daughter single handed but over summer there had been a couple of conversations and shopping trips that he had decided it was better if her grandma dealt with.

She took a seat at the Crotalus table, grateful for the figure-hiding green sack that was the school uniform. The announcements weren’t of much interest, although she thought Parker would be happy about Quidditch, and she would look forward to cheering him on. Then the food appeared, and Cleo glanced around. A lot of the food at Sonora was kind of fancy, or a bit different than what she ate at home. She kind of liked things plain and simple. All around her, spicy smells drifted over, or otherwise perfectly nice looking dishes were ruined by little black bits suggesting yucky things like olives. Next to her was a first year boy, and next to him was a tasty, and safe looking, lasagne. He looked kind of annoyed, and Cleo hesitated. She wasn’t the biggest people person anyway, and had little desire to interact with anyone unfriendly. She searched around her a bit more but finding nothing that appealed, returned her attention to her neighbour. He noticed it this time, addressing her rather snappily.

Temper was one of Cleo’s worse traits, but one her daddy had taken great time and care to help her get the better of. She instinctively frowned at the boy’s manner, but knew that her daddy wouldn’t find it a reasonable excuse for being rude back, so she arranged her features into a nicer expression. Admittedly, there was a little selfish motivation in this - Cleo was the kind of person who generally felt best about being good to others when there was some kind of extrinsic reward to her in the process. Even if it was just the morally victory of knowing she was the better person - it was very much the victory half of that sentiment and not the moral that motivated her.

“Could you pass me the lasagne?” she asked, trying her hardest to be pleasant.

OOC - here are some guidelines I wrote last year on Cleo and her powers. I have left this post pretty ambiguous. If it’s something you’re interested in having happen to Julius we can either assume she is veela-ing, or we can build towards that happening later in the thread. Or, if you feel he’s too young/not likely to be affected and/or just don’t want to mess with this, that’s fine too. Choice is up to you, or hit me up in chatzy to work it out.

  • What's the point?Julius Astley, Crotalus, Sat Jul 28 12:03
    Julius was no more excited at being at Sonora than he had been at orientation. That is, he wasn't excited at all. He still resented the very fact that he'd been sent to the school in the first place... more
    • Food? — Cleo James, Fri Aug 3 06:29
      • Food is about the only thing worth thinking about here.Julius Astley, Crotalus, Fri Aug 3 12:17
        Julius eyed the blonde girl who had felt it necessary to speak to him. For a moment, he thought he saw her frown and mentally prepared himself for another time-wasting argument. He was surprised when ... more
        • Gee, thanksCleo, Sat Aug 4 13:28
          Well, her tablemate for the evening seemed quite the little ray of sunshine. What a fun dinner she seemed to be in for. In general, Cleo wasn’t the most outgoing person, she could kind of take or... more
          • You're welcome.Julius Astley, Crotalus, Wed Aug 8 13:48
            Before Julius answered Cleo's question, he reached for the jug of water that was sitting just to his right and filled his goblet. It also bought him some time as he chewed and swallowed his mouthful... more
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