Julius Astley, Crotalus
Food is about the only thing worth thinking about here.
Fri Aug 3, 2018 12:17

Julius eyed the blonde girl who had felt it necessary to speak to him. For a moment, he thought he saw her frown and mentally prepared himself for another time-wasting argument. He was surprised when the frown seemed to fade, replaced by a nicer-looking expression. It didn't mean that he'd talk to her any more than he had to, simply because she had put a smile on her face. It did mean that he was more inclined to pass the lasagne that was sitting on his left side. She also hadn't been rude to him at all so he couldn't refuse to honour her request. That'd go against everything his mother had taught him about interacting with other people and, even though she wasn't there with him, he didn't want to feel like he'd disappointed her. He let out a quiet a sigh. The situation was rather unavoidable.

He gently positioned his knife and fork on his plate, the ends pointing towards each other, looking rather like the point of a triangle indicating that he'd simply paused during his meal. He doubted that anybody actually followed the etiquette rules when it came to eating dinner but that was no excuse for him to start shirking everything he'd ever learned. Everything, including passing a dish of lasagne, required so much thought.

"Here, enjoy," he murmured quietly, picking it up and handing it to her, hoping that would be then end of any interaction with somebody else. He did take the opportunity to look at her properly, if only to recognise who to avoid in the future.

She hadn't been amongst the rest of Julius's year as he hadn't seen her around the gardens at orientation or approaching the cauldron of Sorting Potion. Looking at her closely now, he could see that she was older than him and the rest of the first-years and rather pretty, with her light blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. She seemed rather sophisticated and elegant. He frowned slightly. She seemed to carry herself well, in a similar way that he'd seen Pureblood girls do at various social engagements. Had he got lucky and found someone actually worth talking to? He supposed that he could at the very least ask her name. If she didn't turn out to be worthy of his time, he'd know her name and her face so he could definitely avoid her.

"You are older than me, correct?" he asked her, his tone formal and detached. "What's your name?"

  • Food?Cleo James, Fri Aug 3 06:29
    Cleo’s summer had actually really been quite good. The quarantine last year had possibly helped with that in some ways. At Midterm, she had still been mixed up, confused and angry over the fact that... more
    • Food is about the only thing worth thinking about here. — Julius Astley, Crotalus, Fri Aug 3 12:17
      • Gee, thanksCleo, Sat Aug 4 13:28
        Well, her tablemate for the evening seemed quite the little ray of sunshine. What a fun dinner she seemed to be in for. In general, Cleo wasn’t the most outgoing person, she could kind of take or... more
        • You're welcome.Julius Astley, Crotalus, Wed Aug 8 13:48
          Before Julius answered Cleo's question, he reached for the jug of water that was sitting just to his right and filled his goblet. It also bought him some time as he chewed and swallowed his mouthful... more
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