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Dorian Montoir
Please look after her
Fri Aug 3, 2018 22:29

At the end of the meal, Dorian stood first, before proferring a hand to assist Katerina up. Or rather, to be polite and gentlemanly, because he was sure she did not actually require help, but it was what he had been taught to do. Once this duty was done, he let go of her hand, tucking his neatly behind his back as he began to walk her over to Professor Xavier. It was scarcely a long distance nor one in which she was in danger of getting lost, but he found himself feeling it would be proper to escort her over to their Head of House. He had promised, after all, to take care of her.

“It was a pleasure to have dinner with you,” he informed her. And the words were formal but the smile that accompanied them was quite genuine. He thought about informing her that if she need anything he was at her service, but that sounded really incredibly staid, possibly to the point of sounding insincere, and so he settled on a more concrete offer of help instead. “Perhaps, if you like, I can wait for you in the Common Room in the morning? To bring you down to breakfast?” he offered. They had reached the Head of House and the other first year by this point, and Dorian was pretty sure the latter end of his sentence would have been audible to them, so added, “And, ah, your roommate - you too, if you like?” half-looking at Katerina and half at the other girl, not quite sure which of them he should address because it seemed rude to talk about the other girl as if she wasn’t there when she clearly was, but also a bit unsure because he had not been talking to her previously nor been introduced, and this was an odd sort of middle place to come into a conversation. “Perhaps at- seven hours and twenty five?” he suggested, speaking much more definitely to Katerina as both the person he knew, and the person who was not going to mind his clumsy English. He tried to throw a smile at her roommate too, to show he wasn’t ignoring her, though the floor got a greater share of it. It might have seemed an oddly precise time to suggest but half hours were tricky things. In English and Chinese, they were half past the existing hour. In French and Russian, they were half to the next one, and thus steering clear of them made a lot of sense to him.

Having received an answer, he supposed he had to turn Katerina over to the care of Professor Xavier. Which was really not too bad because he knew that their Head of House embodied all the warm, kind values of Teppenpaw, and it was likely that Katerina’s roommate would be nice too. He almost wanted to give her a brotherly hug, but he had to remind himself again that she was not Tatya and, for all that they had heard a lot of stories about each other, and had a very pleasant dinner together, they might not be at that stage yet. It was the same with her name; he had to take great care not to call her by any of Tatya’s nicknames for her, as it was much more natural to think of her as Katya, but he had not yet been granted such liberties.

“Spokoynoy nochi, Katerina Vorontsova,” he wished her instead, quite sure that that was a good enough substitute for a friendly hug. Given how much Dorian valued hugs, that was saying something, but ‘goodnight’ and ‘good morning’ were some of the first phrases he had taught Vlad in Chinese, because there was just something reassuring about starting and ending the day in the right language, even when everything in the middle was in the wrong one. Feeling he had executed his promise to look after Katya as well as he was able, he melted back into the throng of older Teppenpaws to find Ruby or his roommate.

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