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Julius Astley, Crotalus
You're welcome.
Wed Aug 8, 2018 13:48

Before Julius answered Cleo's question, he reached for the jug of water that was sitting just to his right and filled his goblet. It also bought him some time as he chewed and swallowed his mouthful of food as it was always rude to speak to somebody in the middle of chewing food. He swallowed, had a drink of water and then finally replied to Cleo.

"My name is Julius Astley," he told her. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

That wasn't strictly true. He wasn't finding much pleasurable about meeting Cleo at all but it was a required formality in these situations, whether one meant the words or not. He didn't know why but she seemed to be a bit nervous and way as he'd noticed that she'd moved away from him. He wasn't particularly bothered by this as he hadn't really wanted to talk to anybody in the first place. If she found that she didn't want to be near him, then that was just better for him.

Then again, that could build a bad reputation for him and damage the reputation of the Astley name. As an Astley, he was supposed to be respectable with an honest and good reputation. His father would be disappointed if he didn't uphold the Astley name.

"So... do you like it here at... this place?"

  • Gee, thanksCleo, Sat Aug 4 13:28
    Well, her tablemate for the evening seemed quite the little ray of sunshine. What a fun dinner she seemed to be in for. In general, Cleo wasn’t the most outgoing person, she could kind of take or... more
    • You're welcome. — Julius Astley, Crotalus, Wed Aug 8 13:48
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