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You are a bit out of luck on that not dancing thing
Thu Aug 9, 2018 06:27

Jasmine was severely disappointed that none of the boys in or near her year had asked her to the ball. Not Gary. Not Parker. Not Michael. Not anyone.

In a moment of pique, she almost decided not to go at all, but then she saw her lovely dress looking all forlorn with nobody to wear it and the moment passed. Besides, she’d said she would go as friends with Peyton and she couldn’t leave her best friend in the lurch. Besides, half the fun was going to be getting ready together.

She put on the princess dress - pink and sparkly and with skirts that poofed out a good foot or more around her. The fabric was soft enough though that the skirts shouldn’t interfere with dancing with a partner should she be able to find one. With a little help from Peyton, she did her hair up in a lovely updo and added her favorite tiara to accent it. Between them, they applied makeup that added color to her face without it looking unnatural. Well, she supposed the glitter in her blush and lip gloss wasn’t entirely natural, but it wasn’t too overdone in her expert opinion.

When they were both ready, they inspected themselves in their mirror and Jasmine declared they both looked positively amazing and it was a real shame the boys in this school were all blind and oblivious.

They made their entrance and Jasmine raised an eyebrow at the bright orange robes of one of the prefect dancers. They weren’t bad robes, exactly, and she kind of envied the way they swished, but orange and yellow? Really?

After the older students finished, the dance floor opened up to everyone else. “I’m going to try to find a dance partner, if that’s okay?” she asked Peyton. “I think I saw Vlad over there,” she added, not wanting to leave her friend all alone while she was gone. “I’ll be back in a few.”

She hadn’t gone very far at all before Michael found her. Perfect. She smiled. “Of course,” she agreed when he asked if he could join her. She was briefly concerned when he then brought up the snack table but no, there it was. Her smile returned at a higher wattage than before. “I love dancing!” she declared, and took that as an invitation, grabbing his hand and started leading him toward the dance floor in her eagerness instead of letting him do the leading as was traditional.

OOC: Peyton’s involvement in this post approved by her author

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