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Kir McLeod
Happy 17th Birthday, Zevalyn!
Thu Aug 9, 2018 08:47

Kir made his way down to the hall, feeling a mix of excitement and nerves. He was looking forward to celebrating Zevalyn’s birthday with her. He had put a lot of effort into choosing and making the various things he was now carrying, and he couldn’t wait to give them all to her. That was the exciting part, and it easily eclipsed the small amount of nervousness he felt that he had chosen poorly, or not executed the homemade elements as well as he would have liked. She would still be happy, he was sure. There was one non-birthday related element of stress and that was just what she and Ness had talked about at the feast last night. Kir did not embarrass easily, and he wasn’t even sure he could pick any particular childhood anecdotes that he could hope with all his soul had not come up. It was just… the first time his sibling met his girlfriend, he would have liked some degree of supervision over the meeting. Mostly because Ness could be kind of odd or annoying, although he was never sure if that was really the case, or he just thought so because that’s what older brothers always thought. He still thought it would have been good to have the option of telling her to shut up and go away regardless though.

On the way to the hall, he had a slight debate about where he might sit, in the event that Zevalyn wasn’t already there. On the one hand, it was her birthday, and he felt they should sit at her house table. On the other, he was pretty sure that nothing would get Ness to relinquish her stake in said table and sit elsewhere, and he really thought it might be preferable not to have her haunting their every interaction. He was, however, spared on two counts - Zevalyn was already in the hall, but Ness was not. He hoped she remembered the way and what time breakfast was… And Zevalyn was a prefect in her house, so he could check on her by asking but… He would do if she hadn’t turned up in the next ten minutes or so. That would give Zevalyn time to open her presents and for them to enjoy each other’s company a little. And Ness was probably fine, he told himself, pushing aside the slight guilt that his absent sister wasn’t his top priority.

“Happy birthday,” he greeted Zevalyn, sitting down and carefully placing a large tin on the table on his non-Zevalyn side (a tin which he had nursed anxiously throughout the wagon ride the previous day before carefully storing in his room). He placed an envelope and a small box-shaped parcel wrapped in blue paper next to her, “First,” he tapped the envelope, “second,” the parcel, “third,” the tin. He did not necessarily feel that this was saving the best bit for last, nor the most surprising, as the thing that was Clearly A Cake Tin did, in fact, hold cake. However, he thought that breaking out a birthday cake was likely to attract others (indeed, he hoped it did because there was plenty to go around), and he wanted the birthday girl to himself for a while first.

The envelope contained a shop bought card. He had tried several times to draw their D&D characters or, when that had proved too hard, various other symbolic things, like a lute and a broadsword, before concluding that he really couldn’t draw for toffee and that any of the things that were within his limited capability just looked plain weird on a birthday card (the broadsword having been the only thing that came out recognisable). He had browsed the cards in the stores more intending to get inspiration than anything, but had found one that he liked and been forced to (somewhat grumpily) conclude that anything he could produce would look shoddy in comparison. The card featured a vintage pocket watch against a light, swirling pattern with a glittering ‘17’ in the top left corner.

“It’s tradition to give a magical person a watch when they come of age - at seventeen,” he explained, when Zevalyn had opened the card, “And… well, your parents seem like they’re the type to do as much research and reading about a subject as they can. So I didn’t want to tread on any toes if they had had access to that kind of information. But I didn’t know if they could, so…” Inside the card read

‘To my dearest Zevalyn - the most amazing person I know,

Wishing you the happiest 17th birthday

Amin mela lle

Kir, xxx’

Inside the little parcel, Zevalyn would find a necklace. The small round pendant was half occluded by a bronze disc. At present, the half on show depicted a blazing sunrise. As night fell, Zevalyn would find that the disc spun, displaying instead the moon and the stars.

The clock theme was echoed in the cake, the design of which he had come up with before giving up on his home drawn cards. The chocolate sponge, sandwiched together with cherry jam, was covered in chocolate buttercream, and the face of a clock picked out in white water icing. Royal icing would have made for a smoother finish, but Kir thought buttercream was much tastier. He would have liked the whole thing to look a bit more professional - it had done so in his head - but at least there would be no mistaking the fact that it was homemade, which he felt counted for quite a lot. He had never shown his talents off at Sonora by joining the baking club, but it was something he did quite often at home with his Aunt Catriona, and he was pretty sure that the cake would be delicious, even if the icing wasn’t smooth and the numbers were a little shaky.

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