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Joe Umland
If you aim at the sibling, you best not miss.
Thu Aug 9, 2018 21:21

As he approached the doors of the Cascade Hall, Joe found himself, to his surprise, hesitating slightly before taking the step into the room.

This, he thought, was it. Last first time. It was his seventh year. This time next year, he would not be in this room – or even, more likely than not, this country. With John in New York, Joe would need to stay closer to home – somewhere where it would be easier to get home to check in on Mom and Dad, be a sounding board for his sister, make sure the Damn Purebloods weren’t brainwashing his goddaughter-niece too much. This meant Canada, not least because of how easy it was to lose time crossing borders. So this was it. Beginning of the end. His American interlude was almost over. It was a stunning sort of thought.

Not as stunning, though, as the jostle to his elbow, which reminded him he was holding up traffic. He went ahead and entered the Cascade Hall.

The Sorting , to his relief, inspired no sentimental welling-up of feelings, no thought that he would even miss Old Brockert - that, he thought, would have been sure evidence of a deranged mind. He thought for a moment he might have one after all, though, when he heard the old man ask him to come up to get the Head Boy badge.

Head Boy. Him. He was Head Boy. Presumably, unlike John, legitimately – by the vote. He had been sure Ben Pierce was going to get it. But no. Joe got it. Even though he had once hit the old man now handing him the badge.

“This should be fun, huh, Nevaeh?” he said, smiling automatically before remembering the Head Girl wasn’t going to notice this. Congratulations.”

Kir McLeod took the position of the fifth year prefect; Joe tried to catch Georgia’s eye, remembering the amusing conversation they had had last year about her instituting a rule of terror over that very person. He dropped that quickly, though, when Kir sat down next to him, beginning to serve himself after the song and looking up in surprise when Kir offered his definition of what constituted showing a shining example to the public.

“Only if you aim well,” he replied drily. “If you miss and hit Brockert, he’ll still give you a look which suggests he’d like to stab you with this badge several years later – hypothetically, of course,” he added. “Not that I would know. But with everyone but siblings, yes, not murdering people is a good start. Congratulations.”

  • Get out clauses (tag Joe)Kir McLeod, Wed Aug 8 08:12
    Kir was excited for fifth year. He had major exams to sit which he was enough of a weirdo to be kind of looking forward to. Kir was bright, and he tested well. He was sure he wouldn’t feel quite so... more
    • If you aim at the sibling, you best not miss. — Joe Umland, Thu Aug 9 21:21
      • Duly notedKir, Mon Aug 13 06:21
        Joe’s reply was certainly… unusual. It took Kir a moment to process, to work out what exactly Joe was implying and to connect it- “Wait, that story’s true?! And about you?!” he asked. He remembered... more
        • Well done padawan.Joe, Mon Aug 13 21:03
          “You can ask,” said Joe, slightly amused despite himself at Kir’s reaction to realizing Joe was apparently infamous – something Joe had not really fully realized himself, but which seemed to be the... more
          • I try my bestKir, Wed Aug 15 08:53
            “Sort of,” Kir agreed with Joe’s assessment. A lot of the things Joe was saying were true of Ness too, although he couldn’t actually imagining wanting to literally punch her. Sometimes he just wished ... more
            • Do or do not. There is no try.Joe, Wed Aug 15 15:47
              “Naturally,” agreed Joe, straight-faced, when Kir proclaimed that his family would find murder more acceptable than punching, grateful to have that awkward bit of the conversation end in a joke.... more
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