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Tarquin Fox-Reynolds
I fear change. And sexy vampires.
Sun Aug 12, 2018 05:36

“Oh, very much so. Thank you,” Tarquin smiled. He was not given to overly animated facial expressions but he did both look and sound very genuinely pleased and excited at the fact that not only had Grayson had interesting and enjoyable summer reading but this was now being extended to him in the form of lending some reading material.

Grayson then continued to be interesting company, as he explained he’d been to a writers’ retreat. This was the second time Grayson had mentioned writing. The first time he had seemed a little embarrassed at letting the subject come up and had not really been drawn on it, but he seemed to be willing to volunteer just a little more this time.

“Sounds like an interesting anthropology exercise, as much as anything else,” he smiled, when Grayson mentioned the writers. “What’s the collective noun? A scribbling of writers? A melodrama? Hopefully it was productive as well as interesting?” he added. Presumably one went to a writers’ retreat to write, and Grayson had done so alongside reading other people’s efforts. The question easily invited him to divulge as much (or as little) about that particular subject as he wished.

“Still firmly ensconced in the nineteenth century,” he smiled, when Grayson asked after his own holiday reading, “Something in one of the magazines I subscribe to sent me off on a tangent of reading and rereading gothic novels and their analysis.” The ‘something’ in question had been an article on the gothic’s role in allowing authors to express homosexual themes. There was the simple fact of the genre’s melodramatic nature, a world of blood, and vice and sin - admittedly, most of this was in the context of violence, rather than sex, and had not exactly promoted gay relationships in a positive light or made an argument for their social acceptability. But it had given a bunch of repressed nineteenth century queers an outlet for their burning passions. Had allowed a certain degree of graphic lingering overing naked flesh and moaning and groaning. And of course, sexy vampires. There were always sexy vampires, although that was not something he felt particularly comfortable discussing with the somewhat straight laced Charms professor. It had been a rather strange pairing, the bright sun and ocean views, coupled with death, melodramatic violence, and frequently homoerotic subtext.

“From there, I got onto ‘A Year in Arcadia,’” because harking back to Ancient Greece was another great way to talk about men doing it with each other, which had sort of become the theme of his summer reading by that point, and he thought that ‘homoerotic subtext (or, in that case just… text) of the 19th century’ was most likely his specialist field, if he had one.

“I also spent quite a lot of time reading my daughter’s PhD. She’s hoping to submit before the end of the year,” he added, deciding to give himself somewhere to steer the conversation other than what, in particular, he’d found interesting about his chosen gothic reading.

  • If you think it'll help, sure.Grayson Wright, Wed Aug 1 19:16
    How was your summer was, Gray thought, a somewhat complicated question, at least if one did not simply say ‘fine’ and drop the subject. Since there was little else to discuss on the first day of... more
    • I fear change. And sexy vampires. — Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sun Aug 12 05:36
      • Change is...not my favorite thing, either.Grayson Wright, Tue Aug 14 12:47
        “Somewhat,” said Gray, shrugging a tad indifferently, on the subject of whether or not it had been productive as well as interesting. “I’m trying to get used to working in prose, there were some... more
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