Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:52

”What is Shark?”

Well. What a question. There were so many ways one could start to answer that. To begin with, sharks as simple creatures were, actually, fascinating. Jehan had stumbled upon a book on marine biology recently which, whilst being quite different to his usual topics, had definitely captured his interest. But a shark was so much more than a physical creature. One could consider what it meant to be ‘shark like’, or describe the different types of human described as sharks (on the subject of which, Oliver had introduced Jehan to the muggle games of cards). The possibilities of the word shark were near-infinite. It was also a rather fun word to say. Shark.

However, time spent around other non-native speakers of English had taught Jehan that such possibilities were best discussed only after a basic definition had been given. He didn’t particularly want to confuse the younger boy, so he decided to stick to that course of action.

“They’re the really big fish,” he started, then realised that his current description could also apply to whales, or dolphins. “With the big teeth. Everyone thinks they eat people but actually they don’t – well, not that often.” He felt sorry for sharks, having this largely-unwarranted reputation.

“I tried to go a week without eating once, but it got boring and then my brother made me stop,” Jehan reminisced. “I don’t think I could last months.” That had been a few years ago now. He’d read of prisoners going on hunger strike, and had wanted to join in with their experience. However, the hungrier he got, the harder it actually became to sympathise with the dramatic life that being a prisoner presumably was. Plus, after a day of getting Jehan’s helping of pudding, Victor had become concerned about the risk of his younger brother fading away, and had swiftly put a stop to the exercise.

“What’s your favourite animal?” Jehan asked Heinrich. This was actually a pretty serious question, and one that Jehan thought was rather hard to answer. There were so many animals that it was hard to narrow down the choice of favourite to just one. That sentiment could be applied to many things in life really – favourite colour, favourite book, favourite person, favourite smell. Things were always just different enough that they became almost impossible to compare.

  • SharksHeinrich Hexenmeister, Thu Aug 9 13:14
    Heinrich had a terrible summer. It opened with the bad news his uncle hadn’t wanted to send by owl, and it never got better. His parents’ trial had concluded late last Spring with a conviction. They... more
    • Hai — Jehan, Sun Aug 12 11:52
      • EnteHeinrich, Thu Sep 6 09:21
        “Danke, thank you,” Heinrich said after Jehan explained what a shark was. The German word always slipped out first when he tried to thank people, but after a year in Sonora, the English followed so... more
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