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Duly noted
Mon Aug 13, 2018 06:21

Joe’s reply was certainly… unusual. It took Kir a moment to process, to work out what exactly Joe was implying and to connect it-

“Wait, that story’s true?! And about you?!” he asked. He remembered hearing that some older student had taken a wild swing at the headmaster. He even remembered hearing that it had been some older Teppenpaw, which had of course only inclined him to dismiss it even faster because who ever heard of Teppenpaws punching people? Said older Teppenpaw might even have been named in the versions he had heard, but at the time he hadn’t really known that group well enough for the name to stick. “And you were actually aiming for a sibling,” he added, the rest of Joe’s story, and its relevance to the current context filtering through, “I think by the time I heard it, you’d deliberately assaulted the headmaster. I always wondered why someone would make up something so outlandish.

“Am I… allowed to ask what actually happened?” he queried. He couldn’t help but be curious about such an undoubtedly strange situation, but it also seemed like it must have been rather an extreme situation to provoke such a reaction. Joe had always seemed relatively even tempered, from the (admittedly very) little that Kir knew about him. And he was a Teppenpaw. Kir was not one to dismiss their house as fuzzy and spineless - he imagined a lot of Teppenpaws had issues about which they cared very deeply. He thought that was probably true of people in all houses, actually - who couldn’t care passionately about something? But the whole point was that they dealt with those things being threatened, or with having problems, differently - Aladrens studied them, Crotali repressed them, and Pecaris fought them. Teppenpaws were supposed to try to work it all out.

  • If you aim at the sibling, you best not miss.Joe Umland, Thu Aug 9 21:21
    As he approached the doors of the Cascade Hall, Joe found himself, to his surprise, hesitating slightly before taking the step into the room. This, he thought, was it. Last first time. It was his... more
    • Duly noted — Kir, Mon Aug 13 06:21
      • Well done padawan.Joe, Mon Aug 13 21:03
        “You can ask,” said Joe, slightly amused despite himself at Kir’s reaction to realizing Joe was apparently infamous – something Joe had not really fully realized himself, but which seemed to be the... more
        • I try my bestKir, Wed Aug 15 08:53
          “Sort of,” Kir agreed with Joe’s assessment. A lot of the things Joe was saying were true of Ness too, although he couldn’t actually imagining wanting to literally punch her. Sometimes he just wished ... more
          • Do or do not. There is no try.Joe, Wed Aug 15 15:47
            “Naturally,” agreed Joe, straight-faced, when Kir proclaimed that his family would find murder more acceptable than punching, grateful to have that awkward bit of the conversation end in a joke.... more
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