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I suppose that beats the alternative.
Mon Aug 13, 2018 22:39

“Not much, really,” said Amelia regretfully when Gary asked what she had gotten to do in a lab over the summer. “My uncle made me learn more lists than I want to think about by heart before I was even allowed to sort stuff. I had graduated to writing lists and powdering beetles by the end of the summer. He says that if I get an O on my Potions CATS, I can assist some next summer, though,” she added, though she imagined this, too, would turn out to be less than interesting – Uncle Geoff was something of a control freak about his laboratory, as she had learned well. “I’m guessing I have to make an O+ somehow on my RATS before he’ll put me in the will,” she joked.

In fact, she rather expected she was already in it. Uncle Geoff wasn’t exactly like a dad to her – she guessed Granddad was kind of more like that – but he wasn’t exactly not, either, and anyway – he had even talked about it before. Still, though, it was best not to count her inheritances before they were in her hand.

Her eyes widened a little in sympathy as he talked about a stepmother and stepsiblings, presumably, from what he was saying, Muggles. “Oh, wow. Bet that is a lot to get used to,” she said, privately seeing an advantage to being brought up by her grandparents. Mama could have all the boyfriends or husbands or whatever she wanted and Amelia didn’t have to put up with them. She just wished sometimes that this didn’t also generally tend to mean also not putting up with Mama, more often than not….

“That sounds cool,” she said, slightly cautiously, when Gary mentioned adding different characters to the game. “How would it work – like you give us the classes, or we just put together whatever, or what?” She had been behind the beginning stages of things last year anyway, somehow ending up in this to cover for Lily one night, so she was a bit clueless on that front.

  • The saga continues to continueGary Harper, Tue Jul 31 20:51
    "You got to work in a lab? That had to be cool. What all did you get to do?" Gary's mind was naturally filled with bunson burners, bubbling chemicals, jacob's ladders, arcing electricity and giant... more
    • I suppose that beats the alternative. — Amelia, Mon Aug 13 22:39
      • Indeed, nowhere to go but up. I hope.Gary, Sat Aug 18 10:01
        "Well, that shouldn't be a problem," Gary responded to Ameilia's comment about getting an O+, "You just need to get all the answers correct. That's the point of coming to the school, right? Learn how ... more
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