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I’ve tried. It doesn’t work.
Tue Aug 14, 2018 14:15

Jozua grinned as Lily assured him that climbing trees was not out of the question tonight. And they called Aladrens problem solvers. “Right, good plan,” he approved. “Probably try transfiguration first. Wouldn’t want to tear the dress if my levitation is aimed poorly.”

They spun and turned in time with the music and the conversation moved with them. “Yeah,” he agreed. “Horribly posh. I was afraid to touch anything for fear it would shatter and cost my parents millions of galleons.” He shrugged, “They were pretty, I guess,” he conceded about the Dutch pureblood girls, “but they looked about as likely to shatter as anything else if I tried suggesting doing anything fun. Assuming they could understand me at all.”

Soon enough the Prefect dance concluded and for a moment Jozua froze after Lily kissed him, but then he recovered himself (no being weird, he had promised her) and returned Lily’s curtsy with a grin and an over the top bow. “It was an absolute pleasure, Miss Spencer.”

Then she even went on to request another dance, stating outright that she enjoyed dancing with him more than she normally liked dancing. Jozua tried really hard not to preen and look absurdly pleased with this turn of events. Not entirely successful in that regard, his words were tinged with elation as he told her, “I’d be glad to go for another spin.” Then, worried she might think they were getting weird and couple-y for wanting to dance more - she did seem to be trying to back down from her own statement - he added, “The snack table looks crowded right now anyway, and it’ll still be there later.”

  • We certainly can't forget those.Lily, Wed Aug 8 22:34
    Jozua was a surprisingly good dancer. She wasn't sure what she had expected, seeing as they'd hardly danced together before, but she was admittedly surprised. It was actually enjoyable - not tense... more
    • I’ve tried. It doesn’t work. — Jozua, Tue Aug 14 14:15
      • Throwing another one at you now.Lily, Wed Aug 15 01:14
        "Oh, Charlotte would murder me if this dress was torn," said Lily, unable to hide her smirk. "I can just imagine her expression. You can't deny it would be a fun game though, levitating each other,"... more
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