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Professor Tabitha Hawthorne
I think I may need something stronger.
Tue Aug 14, 2018 21:37

When Tabitha woke up, she wanted nothing more than to return to the land of sleep. Her entire body felt heavy and her head immediately began to pound. It was the morning of her dreaded Veela lesson with the Intermediates and she was not looking forward to it. With a groan, she slipped out of bed and looked at her appearance in the full length mirror in her room. Well, she looked a disaster. The lack of sleep and the pressure of stress had marked her face with dark circles around her eyes and her hair was a tangled mess.

Admittedly, it wasn't just the Veela lesson that had been causing Tabitha worry and stress. The Potions mistress, Mary Brooding, was also very much to blame.

Their previous encounter had ended dreadfully and Tabitha had given up on any idea of anything happening between the pair, friendship or otherwise. It stung to accept such a thing but that appeared to be the truth. As a result, she had been avoiding the woman - avoiding meals by requesting the prairie elves fetch them to her personal quarters, making sure they didn't cross paths by taking different routes through the school. It was cowardly, Tabitha was aware of that, but it seemed better than having to face the very person who was causing her pain.

That morning, however, Tabitha decided enough was enough. She couldn't very well avoid the woman forever. They were colleagues and living in the same school and Tabitha had no doubt that one day, they would need each other for something - a potion for a class Tabitha was teaching or an elaboration as to how some potions could be used in a duel or for protection in Mary's. Tabitha was a teacher now and she couldn't let her emotions get in the way of her ability to educate the future generations. So, she decided that she'd better make her way to Cascade Hall. Maybe Mary wouldn't even be there.

She dressed herself in a black button up shirt and slacks and over the top draped a dark red robe - very similar to the one she'd worn for the Opening Feast, though it wasn't as well looked after and was visibly more worn. She also put her arms through the sleeves and pushed them up, revealing her forearms. She pulled a brush through her hair though it seemed to do little to help and with a deep breath, left the safety of her quarters.

Upon entering Cascade Hall, Tabitha looked directly at the teacher's table and her eyes fell immediately upon the very woman she'd been avoiding. It was hard to miss her, given the yellow dress she was wearing but Tabitha thought she looked beautiful. She paused in her walking, eyes wide. She could not think like that anymore. Everything was ruined because of her and she did not have the right to think such things. Not that she ever really had them to begin with.

Deciding to carry on walking before she attracted too much attention to herself, she made her way to the table and took the only seat left available - the one next to Mary herself.

She swallowed thickly, composing herself before she sat herself down. Immediately needing to give her hands something to do, she reached for the nearby teapot and poured herself a cup, mixing in milk and sugar. For a moment, while she took a sip, nothing was said. Tabitha decided that while they may no longer be friends, they were colleagues and they could at least be courteous to each other and make small talk.

"Good morning," she said to Mary, thought without looking at her.

  • For your nerves. (Tag Tabitha)Prof. Mary Brooding, Tue Aug 14 21:02
    A silver potion in a tiny vial suddenly seemed like it might actually be silver, heavy as it felt. Mary held it in one hand as she made her way into Cascade Hall for breakfast and took her seat where ... more
    • I think I may need something stronger. — Professor Tabitha Hawthorne, Tue Aug 14 21:37
      • You're not the only one.Mary Brooding, Tue Aug 14 23:03
        Mary almost smiled when she saw that Tabitha was wearing slacks. Ever the practical woman, Tabitha seemed to prefer pants to skirts and dresses, a style Mary had never been able to manage. She felt... more
        • I don't understand.Tabitha Hawthorne, Tue Aug 14 23:18
          If Tabitha had not had such a firm grip on her teacup from the tension that filled her body, she might've dropped it. The last thing she had expected was an offering, let alone a vial of potion that... more
          • Oh, sweet one. I'm so sorry.Mary Brooding, Tue Aug 14 23:57
            Mary pressed her lips together in a tight frown, but held her head high. She wanted to be clear and she wanted to be sincere and she wanted to do this not here. Hopefully being in view of the... more
            • Why are you being so daft?Tabitha Hawthorne, Wed Aug 15 11:41
              The words coming from Mary's lips sounded so odd for her light tone of voice. She was speaking in what Tabitha felt was almost an uncaring manner and for a moment, the Defence professor was confused... more
              • It isn't me being daft!Mary Brooding, Wed Aug 15 18:59
                Mary meant to maintain her casual air throughout the conversation, but Tabitha's reply surprised her and she risked a glance at the woman, her eyes wide. "What are you...?" She took a breath, trying... more
                • We're both being daft. Tabitha Hawthorne, Wed Aug 15 19:20
                  Tabitha let out a slow, shaky breath. Goodness, she was an emotional mess lately - no doubt a side effect of lack of sleep. Discretely, she picked up her napkin and dabbed gently at her eyes and... more
                  • Aye! Mutual daftness.Mary Brooding, Wed Aug 15 19:41
                    Mary's blush was fast and thorough, and she felt the heat of it in her chest, her face, and her hands, one of which was held by the Defense professor's. Tabitha Hawthorne would be interested in more? ... more
                    • We can be daft together. Tabitha Hawthorne, Wed Aug 15 20:16
                      Tabitha couldn't help but let out a merry laugh at Mary's admission that she thought that the British woman was straight. Hadn't Mary been able to tell that Tabitha was very much interested in her?... more
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