I try my best
Wed Aug 15, 2018 08:53

“Sort of,” Kir agreed with Joe’s assessment. A lot of the things Joe was saying were true of Ness too, although he couldn’t actually imagining wanting to literally punch her. Sometimes he just wished she would shut up. Or be elsewhere. Or both. He thought that might be quite normal sibling behaviour, and he was a bit concerned about whatever had made it spill over into a physical fight in Joe’s case. “I said murder though. Not punch. Punching definitely wouldn’t be approved of,” he joked, deciding that was all he wanted to know about Joe’s family drama for now.

“Ness… Ness is smart. And has very strong opinions. A lot of opinions that I agree with - we were raised by all the same people, after all. It’s just… Well, I’ve ended up in the house of tact and diplomacy. Ness has ended up in the house of people who like to prove how right they are about everything. You can see how that might… yield differing approaches. She’s also chosen to go introduce herself to my girlfriend. I mean, I don’t exactly imagine Zevalyn is going to disagree with many of Ness’s perspectives. Zev’s… well, willing to date me,” Kir said, in a tone that was not exactly self-deprecating but showed awareness that perhaps he was a niche taste, and with a vague handsweep that just gestured to all of him. “It’s just… I would rather it wasn’t happening.”

  • Well done padawan.Joe, Mon Aug 13 21:03
    “You can ask,” said Joe, slightly amused despite himself at Kir’s reaction to realizing Joe was apparently infamous – something Joe had not really fully realized himself, but which seemed to be the... more
    • I try my best — Kir, Wed Aug 15 08:53
      • Do or do not. There is no try.Joe, Wed Aug 15 15:47
        “Naturally,” agreed Joe, straight-faced, when Kir proclaimed that his family would find murder more acceptable than punching, grateful to have that awkward bit of the conversation end in a joke.... more
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