That can probably be arranged
Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:00

Zevalyn arrived at Sonora feeling glad she only had to ride the wagon here from Phoenix. How some people managed to cross the country on them and not have back problems baffled her. She got out, rubbed the small of her back, and head to the library to entertain herself until the feast. She figured that would be the first place her friends might go to look for her, and if they didn’t, there were still plenty of books to read.

Eventually feast time arrived, and her stomach urged her down to the Hall with just as much urgency as her watch. Her lunch had been small (she got a little wagon-sick if she ate too much beforehand) and by the tome her stomach had settled enough to want food once she was here, it had been too close to dinner to bother.

She saved a seat at Aladren for Georgia or Kir, but Georgia was obligated as prefect to stay at her House table as much as Zev was stuck to Aladren, and Kir was the only Teppenpaw candidate for prefect in his year, so he seemed trapped as well. A first year ended up taking the spot.

Zevalyn nodded back politely in response to the kid’s smile but figured that would be the end of it unless there were specific questions the new student needed a prefect’s help with. Sixth years and first years had a nearly insurmountable age difference that made it unlikely they would converse much. Though she couldn’t help but give the kid a sympathetic look when it seemed her friend got sorted to a different house.

The rest of the sorting finished and Headmaster Brockert gave his announcements. Joe and Nevaeh for Heads. Excellent. Her vote mattered. Kir got prefect, as expected. Good good. Emerald would be joining her as an Aladren prefect, very good. Zev made a mental note to talk to the younger girl later and congratulate her.

New potions professor, interesting, what happened to Professor O’Malley? Quidditch yada yada, not her cup of hot chocolate. Midsummer Fair. Georgia had mentioned the last one, but that had been the other one she missed by starting late, so it was still new to her.

Song. Food.

Zevalyn was filling her plate when she was surprised by the first year talking to her. Then she finished the introduction and Zevalyn understood. Ooh. Kir’s little sister. She smiled warmly, “Oh! Hi. Welcome to Aladren! Yes, I’m Zevalyn, Kir’s girlfriend,” she confirmed with a wry look at being identified in this manner, though with Ness being Kir’s sibling, she assumed it was more intended as showing a common interest in the same person rather than basing Zevalyn’s worth on who she dated.

“It is good he got prefect,” she agreed, “though honestly, I don’t think he had much competition. He’d be a good pick though even if there was. Plus,” she added with a playful wink, “I’ll be glad to have him around to look at during prefect meetings.”

She nudged her chin toward the Pecari table, “Did your friend get put in another House? Don’t worry, other than the feasts, we’re allowed to sit wherever we want. Most of my friends are in Teppenpaw. If I wasn’t a prefect I’d probably be sitting over there even during a feast.”

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    • That can probably be arranged — Zevalyn, Wed Aug 15 11:00
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        Ness gave a slight giggle at Zevalyn’s comment about staring at Kir during prefect meetings, not quite sure whether that was meant as a joke or not. On the one hand, presumably Zevalyn did think Kir... more
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