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Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:48

The worst thing about having a September Second birthday at Sonora, aside from being older than your whole class even when you do finally catch up to the right group, was that you basically had to celebrate it in August. September first was too busy with last minute preparations and riding the wagon and then settling in to do anything (though she usually had a piece of cake as her dessert after the feast and pretended the whole thing was in her honor for a moment or two), and her actual birthday was either the first day of classes or the weekend before classes began but either way, it was at school and much too soon since arriving to go home and see her family again already.

So she’d had her party on August 31st and got most of her presents then. She expected a card and maybe a token present from her parents today, maybe something from her friends, but for the most part her seventeenth birthday was just going to be another day.

As she arrived for breakfast, she didn’t even see any of her friends yet, so she headed over to Aladren and got herself a birthday waffle. That cheered her up a bit. Sure, she could have waffles for breakfast whenever she wanted them, but this time the elves must have remembered her from past years because after she sat down, sprinkles and powdered sugar showed up at her place and it wasn’t anything like being at home but at least the birthday waffle was right.

While she was still admiring the waffle, Kir showed up, providing her with a present and, unless she was very much mistaken, a cake! She smiled broadly, her mood buoying even higher. She still would have liked to see her parents, but perhaps Sonora birthdays weren’t so bad after all.

“Thank you,” she said and opened the card.

As he explained wizarding customs - which she actually hadn’t known about and found quite interesting, and while her parents were the type to do exhaustive research, it probably hadn’t even occurred to them to look into traditional coming of age gifts for a seventeen year old witch; they (and she) still had some American muggle biases and blind spots which said formal adulthood still had some time yet in coming - she read the card and smiled at the (presumably) Elvish line.

“What does it mean?” she asked curiously, tracing her finger over the words. This wasn’t like the ball so she didn’t feel there was a magical bubble that would pop if she asked for a translation and she was an Aladren. She liked knowing things.

After he told her, she opened the gift. “Oh, that’s pretty!” she said as she pulled out the necklace and examined the sunrise on the disc. It kind of reminded her of Kir’s dress robes at the ball. “Help me with the clasp?” she requested, lifting her light colored hair and turn slightly to let Kir have access to the back of her neck so he could fasten the necklace on her.

Finally there was the cake, which she opened and admired, but first, “Here, I haven’t eaten my birthday waffle yet. Eat some.” She put another waffle on a plate, smothered it with sugar and sprinkles, a twin to her own, and put it in front of him. “We’ll cut the cake after waffles. Georgia should be down soon, so that’ll give her time to get here. She should have cake, too.”

  • Happy 17th Birthday, Zevalyn!Kir McLeod, Thu Aug 9 08:47
    Kir made his way down to the hall, feeling a mix of excitement and nerves. He was looking forward to celebrating Zevalyn’s birthday with her. He had put a lot of effort into choosing and making the... more
    • Thank you — Zevalyn, Wed Aug 15 12:48
      • Three big-little wordsKir, Mon Aug 20 19:36
        So far, he had a smiley Zevalyn, who seemed to be enjoying her birthday. He watched her face carefully as she opened the card, he watched her fingers running down the words inside, pausing over the... more
        • Two only slightly smaller onesZevalyn, Wed Aug 29 10:27
          For a moment, Zevalyn froze in surprise. She couldn’t have said what she expected Kir to say in translation, but clearly not that . She looked up from the card to his face. She could see that he... more
          • They work just as wellKir, Sun Sep 2 19:45
            Zevalyn seemed to react in slow motion. At least her response took long enough that Kir had time to feel a little anxiety about how she was actually going to react. But then she put her arms around... more
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