Do or do not. There is no try.
Wed Aug 15, 2018 15:47

“Naturally,” agreed Joe, straight-faced, when Kir proclaimed that his family would find murder more acceptable than punching, grateful to have that awkward bit of the conversation end in a joke. “It’s an important distinction.”

Despite Kir’s assertions that he would find punching unacceptable, the tenor of his description of one Ness rang a lot of bells. Excessively smart, check. Strong opinions, check. Yes, this sounded very familiar. Except when Kir started using the word ‘she’. That did change things. The rules on that had been slightly muddier when they were all very young, of course – back then, the only real difference between Julian and the rest of them had been that she had longer hair and wore dresses for an hour every morning to Mass, and at some points she had been decidedly bigger and stronger than John or Joe – but now that they were adults the rules were very clear: you did not hit women and girls. You were not supposed to hit anyone, really, but definitely not women and girls. That was improper in the extreme.

He thought about the problem. “Hm, yeah,” he said when the different approaches of Teppenpaws and Aladrens. This was much of the trouble with John and Julian, when one of them had an uncooperative mood. He nodded, too, as Kir summarized that he wished this wasn’t happening. “Can’t blame you for that. If John just spontaneously introduced himself to my girlfriend with no warning, I’d probably take a swing at Brockert on purpose this time just to distract everybody,” he joked. “But this is why reasonable people don’t hold your siblings against you, and Zevalyn, she seems all right – and she’s an Aladren, so she’s logical enough.” Of course, John was also an Aladren…Joe decided not to mention that bit. It would ruin the theme he was cultivating here. “So I reckon you’re fine,” he concluded instead. “Except you should probably know I told Georgia last year that the big perk of being the sixth year prefect would be getting to lord it over you this year, so sorry if she takes that literally.”

  • I try my bestKir, Wed Aug 15 08:53
    “Sort of,” Kir agreed with Joe’s assessment. A lot of the things Joe was saying were true of Ness too, although he couldn’t actually imagining wanting to literally punch her. Sometimes he just wished ... more
    • Do or do not. There is no try. — Joe, Wed Aug 15 15:47
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