Tabitha Hawthorne
We can be daft together.
Wed Aug 15, 2018 20:16

Tabitha couldn't help but let out a merry laugh at Mary's admission that she thought that the British woman was straight. Hadn't Mary been able to tell that Tabitha was very much interested in her? She would've thought that the time spent together in her office would've confirmed that, with the cheeky remarks and winks she'd sent at her. Then, Mary mentioned her journals and Tabitha understood. She squeezed Mary's hand reassuringly.

"I wrote those journals when I was still with JJ. When I'm with someone in that way, they are a big part of my life, a big focus in my life. Back then, he was that focus and that must've come through on the pages. Something I later came to regret."

If she had been having this conversation some several months previous, she might've felt more at the mention of JJ. She remembered feeling heartbreak and anger and loneliness. But that was just it. All she had were a memory of feelings. Now, sitting with Mary in Cascade Hall, she felt nothing about him. She felt much more when thinking about Mary.

When the Potions mistress suddenly withdrew her hand, Tabitha was confused and briefly had a moment of panic that she'd said something wrong again. Mary seemed rather nervous and Tabitha frowned, unsure as to why. Though, she supposed admitting her interest had a lot to do with it. She did not expect the question that came next.

Would you... like to go on a date with me?

Tabitha felt warm all over and she could feel a pink flush colouring her cheeks. Her mouth felt dry and the hairs on the back of her neck were standing on end. She could feel that the palms of her hands were sweaty and she felt very much like she was a teenager again, being asked out for the very first time. Though, back then, she had been very indecisive, having weighed all the pros and the cons of being in a relationship. Now, there was really only one answer.

With a bright smile and trying very, very hard to resist the urge to kiss the woman, she gave her answer.

"Yes, I'd love to."

  • Aye! Mutual daftness.Mary Brooding, Wed Aug 15 19:41
    Mary's blush was fast and thorough, and she felt the heat of it in her chest, her face, and her hands, one of which was held by the Defense professor's. Tabitha Hawthorne would be interested in more? ... more
    • We can be daft together. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Wed Aug 15 20:16
      • She said yes! She said yes! Mary squirmed a little in her chair, trying to suppress the smile she revealed when she lowered her teacup. The room suddenly seemed brighter, as if all the chandeliers... more
        • I'll be waiting for when you return.Tabitha Hawthorne, Wed Aug 15 20:54
          Tabitha helped herself to another piece of toast, repeating her earlier process of spreading butter and jam on it. A smile seemed to be permanently fixed in place on her face. She was just so... more
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