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Ben Pierce
I will survive
Thu Aug 16, 2018 11:59

“Hey, Kyte,” Ben greeted his roommate cheerfully as the other joined him at the Pecari table, quickly fell quiet as the first years started to get sorted. He held little personal interest in the small new students, but he cheered for the ones that pulled a brown badge out of the potion, hoping they were Quidditch players who could fill the vacancies left by the graduated former seventh years. Actually, he hoped that for all the new kids, because Quidditch was no fun if you had nobody to play against, and filling all the House teams hadn’t happened in a while.

It was a small class though and he wasn’t sure they could manage to fill out all the vacancies even if every last one of them joined, which was statistically unlikely. Pity. But the end of the line meant that Head Students were about to be announced and he sat up straight, more attentive than he had ever before been to Headmaster Brockert’s words.

Joe Umland and Nevaeh Reed.

Ben deflated. He sent a grimace of commiserating sympathy to Tess. Joe and Nevaeh were fine people and he liked them both well enough, but they weren’t him and Tess. He’d wanted to have matching badges with his girlfriend.

He was just coming to terms with the disappointment when Kyte put in his two cents, and Ben couldn’t help chuckling a little because Kyte, at least, hadn’t even been in the running. “I shall get over it in time,” he intoned in a dramatic way that could only be interpreted that this had already happened and now he was just playing it up for sympathy. “I only hope you, too, will survive this crushing defeat.”

After food appeared, Kyte seemed to shared a more serious bit of sympathy for the loss, though a Teppenpaw conspiracy did seem a bit far fetched. Even if they had won the last few House Cups pretty soundly. Maybe there was something to that after all?

“No, it’s fine,” Ben assured, “I’m more worried about what this new school wide Quidditch team is going to do to my chances of being Captain.” Jos had been an actual captain last year (even if there hadn’t been any games) while Ben had just been Ingrid’s Assistant Captain. “If him being Head Boy gives me a better shot at being Quidditch Captain, I’ll take that trade.” The school seemed to like to spread out the badges when possible so he hoped that applied here, too.

“I hope Tess isn’t too upset though.”

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    Kyte dropped into his habitual seat next to Ben at the feast. He usually didn’t pay much attention to the announcements because they were a lot less interesting that imagining his classmates naked.... more
    • I will survive — Ben Pierce, Thu Aug 16 11:59
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