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Nathaniel Mordue
Rejecting those terms.
Thu Aug 16, 2018 13:53

Nathaniel often took his time over breakfast, but often had different reasons on different days for doing that. Sometimes, it was because he was turning over papers, letters to and from home or the like, and more occupied with them than with his food, something which made him feel very grown-up and like a proper head of his family. Sometimes, it was because he was lingering over breakfast as long as he reasonably could, just to make sure no letter from home was going to arrive that day – usually this happened when he was anxious about his mother. Today he was anxious about his mother, a natural consequence of being only recently back from summer vacation and worrying that she therefore wasn’t quite used to being alone again yet, but this was not why he was lingering over his breakfast. Instead, it was just that he was very sleepy and reluctant to move from his chair to get on with his day.

”Good morning.”

Someone saying this, particularly at within the friendly confines of Teppenpaw, was not an altogether surprising thing, but the thick non-American accent the words were said in were a little more unusual. He had heard Tatiana Vorontsova speak often enough last year, of course, even at the Teppenpaw table, but usually not directly to him, so he looked up in mild surprise from his second cup of tea as she sat down, surprise which rapidly turned into consternation as she explained why she was greeting him.

“Um – thank you,” said Nathaniel first, after a slight hesitation where he considered how to begin. “But I don’t want it.” He tried not to show any obvious offense at being taken for and treated like a tradesman – Tatiana was foreign, of course she would not know exactly who he was, or the proper American manners associated with his status. “I just take photographs because I like taking them,” he explained, trying to use simple words and speak slowly so she’d be sure to understand him.

  • Attempting to discharge a debt.Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Aug 16 13:52
    Dorian, without a doubt, was the center of Tatiana’s social circle. She stood out the most of the group, not even so much because of her efforts as because of her sex, and formalizing their language... more
    • Rejecting those terms. — Nathaniel Mordue, Thu Aug 16 13:53
      • Misinterpreting that.Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Aug 16 13:54
        Tatiana tilted her head and frowned slightly, confused, when Nathaniel Mordue first thanked her for being willing to pay him but then declined payment. This seemed silly to her. She had asked him to... more
        • Trying to correct that.Nathaniel Mordue, Thu Aug 16 13:55
          “You like to take photograph of me?” asked Tatiana, and Nathaniel’s eyes widened in horror as he realized what that might have sounded like. “No,” he said, too quickly, and then realized he might... more
          • More or less understanding now.Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Aug 16 13:56
            Nathaniel’s explanation still didn’t explain why he didn’t want money for having gone out of his way, but did at least seem to dismiss the idea that he was somehow in love with her. This, Tatiana... more
            • Expressing curiosity.Nathaniel Mordue, Thu Aug 16 13:57
              Nathaniel was surprised to hear Tatiana talk about photography – she seemed too flighty for something that required sitting and really thinking about the shot and how to make it its best, or even to... more
              • Losing interest.Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Aug 16 13:57
                Tatiana hesitated for a moment, taking time to comprehend the English sentences with less-than-perfect structure which had just been lobbed in her direction, and then shrugged in response to the... more
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