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Nathaniel Mordue
Expressing curiosity.
Thu Aug 16, 2018 13:57

Nathaniel was surprised to hear Tatiana talk about photography – she seemed too flighty for something that required sitting and really thinking about the shot and how to make it its best, or even to capture it at all – objects might move in a photograph, but a moving photographer didn’t work as well, in his experience. When one did that, everything was blurry, and then the blurs moved and he found the effect highly unpleasant to look at. There was nothing preserved there, and there was nothing beautiful there, and it was just a complete waste of time and film and paper and developing potions.

“Black and white photographs?” he asked, curious despite himself when she started talking about painting colors onto photos that ‘none have on them.’ “I haven’t tried anything in black and white before, or heard of painting a photograph – wouldn’t you just develop it in color, if you wanted it to have colors?” he asked, forgetting for a moment to try to carefully plan his sentences and vocabulary to ensure he was properly understood.

Immediately, however, he almost regretted asking, because – well – what was the purpose? For one thing it didn’t sound like he and Tatiana had any common interests in photography beyond the broadest possible definition, and for another thing, it was sort of a solitary hobby. Unless he was photographing her. Which would be weird – wouldn’t it? He had read of great painters and photographers of people who had a woman who was their muse, whose image they created over and over again in different ways until somehow a painting of a flowerpot was a picture of her too, but he couldn’t imagine doing that.

  • More or less understanding now.Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Aug 16 13:56
    Nathaniel’s explanation still didn’t explain why he didn’t want money for having gone out of his way, but did at least seem to dismiss the idea that he was somehow in love with her. This, Tatiana... more
    • Expressing curiosity. — Nathaniel Mordue, Thu Aug 16 13:57
      • Losing interest.Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Aug 16 13:57
        Tatiana hesitated for a moment, taking time to comprehend the English sentences with less-than-perfect structure which had just been lobbed in her direction, and then shrugged in response to the... more
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