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Tatiana Vorontsova
Losing interest.
Thu Aug 16, 2018 13:57

Tatiana hesitated for a moment, taking time to comprehend the English sentences with less-than-perfect structure which had just been lobbed in her direction, and then shrugged in response to the question.

“It is a thing to do,” she said. “Passes time. Make it like I want, too. Makes – picture-book more interesting,” she added, not knowing, or at least remembering, the English word for album off the top of her head. Besides, picture-book was just as good a descriptor for the object she was referring to as any. The family snapshot albums they kept at home took the form of very large books bound together, with pages onto which they pasted new snapshots and photographs and holiday cards received from relatives around Russia to create the contents of each book, a sort of visual account of each year. It was a book full of pictures. Therefore, according to what she remembered of Katya’s talk about the German lessons her sister seemed to enjoy so, it was perfectly reasonable to call it a picture-book.

She pushed back her seat and stood. “Well – if you do not want money, I will go,” she said. “Have a good day,” she added, a stock phrase memorized in English from phrasebooks, one she no longer thought much about but was glad existed because of how much easier it frequently made communications with English-speakers other than her friends, who didn’t mind how she spoke so much and also all had at least a scrap of Russian, too.

  • Expressing curiosity.Nathaniel Mordue, Thu Aug 16 13:57
    Nathaniel was surprised to hear Tatiana talk about photography – she seemed too flighty for something that required sitting and really thinking about the shot and how to make it its best, or even to... more
    • Losing interest. — Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Aug 16 13:57
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