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Indeed, nowhere to go but up. I hope.
Sat Aug 18, 2018 10:01

"Well, that shouldn't be a problem," Gary responded to Ameilia's comment about getting an O+, "You just need to get all the answers correct. That's the point of coming to the school, right? Learn how to do the things they want us to know how to do? They've got to tell you the answers, or at bare minimum how to get the answers, or else it's not a legitimate test." He shrugged. "I'm sure they try to make things tricky, it needs to be a true test, but if you're paying attention and learned what they've taught, it's gotta be possible." Gary was never one to get anxious over tests, and couldn't quite figure out why people seemed to get so worked up over them. He wasn't one that always scored perfectly, but upon receiving a corrected test he could see where he had made mistakes, and didn't repeat them.

"Yeah..." Gary responded slowly, "At this point, I'm just glad to not have to deal with it right now. This place is a welcome escape. Although I wonder what it'll be like when I get home again." He paused for a moment, "Think we'll be allowed to go home for Christmas this year?"

He grinned wide as showed even the slightest interest in the game. "You'll get to pick whatever you like this time. You've seen what the different races and classes can do, how the work. Now you'll get to make your own character from the ground up. Kir seems awful uncomfortable with the idea of Goblins as a whole, so I've tried to work out a game that doesn't even mention them this time around. It'll be more of an urban investigative/mystery type plot this time around. So your first step is to try and thing of a character concept that you think would be fun to play in that sort of environment." He paused and glanced around the table, as if making sure no one was eavesdropping. "Also, Amber and Erevan don't exactly get along very well, but I've been picking up some subtle hints that Zevalyn and Kir may actually like each other." He quickly stops Amelia from responding, "No, no, I know I may be wrong, but this may give them a chance to make up some characters that get along, and maybe that will spur things along for them if they are inclined." Gary grins and winks at Amelia, "Don't say anything to anyone though, I may be completely wrong."

  • I suppose that beats the alternative.Amelia, Mon Aug 13 22:39
    “Not much, really,” said Amelia regretfully when Gary asked what she had gotten to do in a lab over the summer. “My uncle made me learn more lists than I want to think about by heart before I was... more
    • Indeed, nowhere to go but up. I hope. — Gary, Sat Aug 18 10:01
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