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Sun Aug 19, 2018 06:17

Ness gave a slight giggle at Zevalyn’s comment about staring at Kir during prefect meetings, not quite sure whether that was meant as a joke or not. On the one hand, presumably Zevalyn did think Kir was nice to look at, and Ness - to the extent that it was not weird to do so - could see why someone would think that. As far as boys went, Kir was nice enough looking. But during prefect meetings, Zevalyn was presumably supposed to be concentrating and taking her duties seriously, not eyeing up her boyfriend.

“Yeah, that’s Evelyn,” Ness nodded, when Zevalyn asked about the non-Aladren. Huh, Evelyn and Zevalyn. That was fun. Especially if Evelyn and Ness dated, cos then Kir and Ness would have rhyming girlfriends, which would be cute. “We talked a bunch at orientation, and she’s really cool. I mean that in like… the way where it’s actually true, not the way most “cool” people use it. She has a brain.” Ness realised that the question of preferred pronouns had not come up when they were making friends, but as Evelyn had talked about being someone’s girlfriend then that seemed to mean she was fairly comfortable with the whole girl label. For now, anyway. It would probably be best to check at some stage whether that meant she was also ok with ‘she.’

“Kir said that it’s only even really the Opening Feast that matters,” Ness replied, half to confirm with Zevalyn, half to show that Ness had learnt all the relevant Sonora Lore with due diligence before beginning, “The Returning Feast after Christmas is more flexible. He's quite Aladren-y too though, and now we're both here, so we could bring him over here sometimes too,” Ness suggested. Ness would sit at Teppenpaw to have time with Kir, she supposed, but when they were all together, Aladren made the most sense. "And Evelyn - she is as well. So that's like, three out of four Aladrens, if they count for half each. Or... Well, I guess they must be slightly less than half to have ended up not being here? But even if they're each .45 or something, that'd still be majority Aladren, especially if we round up to whole people. Which I think would be good. Part people is creepy. No one wants a part person at breakfast, right?"

OOC - Gwen is still active, as she was involved in a post or two last year and has been referenced by other characters, just fyi

  • That can probably be arrangedZevalyn, Wed Aug 15 11:00
    Zevalyn arrived at Sonora feeling glad she only had to ride the wagon here from Phoenix. How some people managed to cross the country on them and not have back problems baffled her. She got out,... more
    • Excellent — Ness, Sun Aug 19 06:17
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