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Three big-little words
Mon Aug 20, 2018 19:36

So far, he had a smiley Zevalyn, who seemed to be enjoying her birthday. He watched her face carefully as she opened the card, he watched her fingers running down the words inside, pausing over the elvish and asking, as he had hoped she would, what it meant. Because there was something that had been on Kir’s mind. Something he had sort of planned to say at the ball, but then… Then before the prefect dance there had been all the greetings and telling her she looked wonderful, and then after the dance it hadn’t felt like a significant enough moment, and then Teppenpaw had taken control of the jukebox and the night had rapidly shifted gears from being intimate and romantic to friendly and raucous, with him and Georgia and Zevalyn dancing like crazy people to their jukebox selections. Well. He danced like a crazy person. A crazy, fabulous person with sweet, sweet moves, and he wouldn’t have changed the way that evening had ended for the world because it had been a lot of fun, but it definitely had stopped being about him and Zev. And then all too soon, it had been over, and then the fluster of everyone saying goodbyes on the wagon was just… busy. It was part of why he was glad that Ness was not here yet. For all that he had told her to give him a moment with Zevalyn and wait until they were onto cake he was glad that she wasn’t hovering expectantly at the otherside of the Aladren table, or worse ignoring this request all together and getting in his way. And he was glad Zevalyn had asked this time, given that she hadn’t at the ball. That definitely made it easier. Not that he thought that it was a very difficult thing to say. Just… making sure there was the right moment to say it in, which had proved somewhat tricky at the end of last year.

“I love you,” he told her. And, for all Kir had been raised to talk about his feelings, and didn’t think it was a difficult thing to say, it was still a big thing to say, and he found that his heart was thumping against his ribcage and he thought he might actually be holding his breath.

(OOC - I know you gave her reactions/ideas on the other things and we can skip back to those after. I just wanted to have a smushy moment to focus on this).

  • Thank youZevalyn, Wed Aug 15 12:48
    The worst thing about having a September Second birthday at Sonora, aside from being older than your whole class even when you do finally catch up to the right group, was that you basically had to... more
    • Three big-little words — Kir, Mon Aug 20 19:36
      • Two only slightly smaller onesZevalyn, Wed Aug 29 10:27
        For a moment, Zevalyn froze in surprise. She couldn’t have said what she expected Kir to say in translation, but clearly not that . She looked up from the card to his face. She could see that he... more
        • They work just as wellKir, Sun Sep 2 19:45
          Zevalyn seemed to react in slow motion. At least her response took long enough that Kir had time to feel a little anxiety about how she was actually going to react. But then she put her arms around... more
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