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Two only slightly smaller ones
Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:27

For a moment, Zevalyn froze in surprise. She couldn’t have said what she expected Kir to say in translation, but clearly not that. She looked up from the card to his face. She could see that he definitely wasn’t just teasing her; he really meant it.

He loved her?

She felt a flutter in her chest and a small fond smile slipped into her startled expression.

He loved her?

Nobody other than her parents and grandparents had told her that before, and while she never doubted they meant it, it was different, really different, coming from Kir, who wasn’t obligated by genetics to feel that way.

But then a little bit of panic crept in. What was she supposed to say back? I love you, too, was her standard response to parents and grandparents, but did she feel that way about Kir? Well, obviously not the same kind of love she felt for Mom and Dad and her grandparents, but did she return Kir’s feelings? Just last year they had barely known each other and now . . .

Now he loved her.

She couldn’t even pull a Han Solo and say ‘I know’ because she hadn’t known. Besides, that was crossing genres. You just can’t make a Star Wars reference in response to an Elvish translation. That wouldn’t be right.

So instead of answering in words, she hugged him. As she felt him close to her, smelled his Kir-smell that she hadn’t quite realized she had been missing all summer until just then (or even known that there was a Kir-scent to miss at all), she realized she knew the answer after after all.

“Me, too.” She wasn’t quite brave enough to say the three words he’d just used, not when they were still so new to her understanding, but now she knew they were there.

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    • Two only slightly smaller ones — Zevalyn, Wed Aug 29 10:27
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