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Sun Sep 2, 2018 19:45

Zevalyn seemed to react in slow motion. At least her response took long enough that Kir had time to feel a little anxiety about how she was actually going to react. But then she put her arms around him, and he squeezed her close, the smell of her shampoo making him feel happy and at home, and tingle with excitement all at the same time, reminding him as it did of being close with Zev - which meant hugs and warmth, but also meant kissing, pressed up against the Potions shelf after D&D.

Me too.

Technically, grammatically speaking, that did not make sense, as it implied that Zevalyn also loved herself. Which, of course, he hoped she did, but right now he was more interested in how she felt about him. But one of the differences between Kir and Ness was that he recognised that there was a time and a place to be a grammar pedant, or make a language joke. And this was not it. Zev meant that she loved him too and, though he still looked forward to the first time he would get to hear her actually say that, he was elated. He loved her, and she loved him. Everythig was perfect.

"Permission to kiss you at the breakfast table?" he whispered in her ear. He did not ask every single time before kissing Zevalyn - there were things he regarded as regular, established ground rules about their interactions, where they both knew that the other one was comfortable. But kissing over breakfast was unusual. Admittedly, they had engaged in some fairly enthusiastic snogging in this very room at the end of last term, but that had been at the ball. This was decidedly different, in terms of atmosphere.

  • Two only slightly smaller onesZevalyn, Wed Aug 29 10:27
    For a moment, Zevalyn froze in surprise. She couldn’t have said what she expected Kir to say in translation, but clearly not that . She looked up from the card to his face. She could see that he... more
    • They work just as well — Kir, Sun Sep 2 19:45
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