Headmaster Brockert
Fifth and Sixth years
Sat Dec 8, 2018 00:29

This had been a nice uneventful year, Mortimer's favorite kind. When things were eventful, they were never eventful in a good way. Usually, eventful meant something terrible had gone wrong, such as being cooped up with his subordinates in a room while the inmates ran the asylum students ran the school or an epidemic that caused magical outbursts or a monster roaming the school. So yeah, uneventful was a good thing.

Now the year was almost over and it was time to take care of all the end of year business. One such matter was choosing next year's Head Students-and even though Mortimer barely knew these people, he actually had his preferences, largely based on house biases and Emerald's opinions.

That was why he didn't really agree with everyone who made the ballot. Of course, both boys had to since there were only two of them though one of them seemed to-according to his granddaughter-exercise poor judgement and disrupt class on a regular basis. As for the girls, well, if he was to choose, he'd have picked Miss Ives.

Unfortunately, Mortimer didn't get to choose, the students did. And he was never one to trust the judgement of teenagers. Well, okay, he trusted Emerald's but she was only one vote.

Once the fifth and sixth years were assembled, Mortimer rose and began to speak. "I trust that you all know why you are here today, to pick who will be the next Head Boy and Head Girl of Sonora next year. " With that the ballots were dispensed.

OOC- Head student ballot can be found here- http://sonora.terragenaonline.net/Admin/VotingResults/32Voting is in character and if you have more than one character, you vote per character. Votes can remain as anonymous as you would like them to be and you do not have to reply to this message even though you may if you'd like to. You have until the day before the new term starts to get your votes in.

    • This is totally wrong!Arianna Tate, Thu Jan 3 23:13
      Today was the day they were voting for Head Student and Arianna was excited because in just a little while, her classmates would be voting for her. She was so obviously the best choice for the job.... more
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