Michael DiCaprio
Let's make it fair then
Wed Dec 19, 2018 00:25

Of the fair, Mikey was most excited about the horticulture contest. He and the rest of his classmates had submitted something to it. While he had struggled a lot in the beginning of the year, by the time the fair rolled around, he felt like he had a good chance of winning, if not at least making it to the final round of judging.

The other part he was looking forward to were all the rides. That was the best part about a state fair, and maybe the flying pig races. He went to the one in Denver every summer with his family, but there they had to pay for everything individually. Here, since they were students, it seemed a lot less costly. This was way better than that lame ball last year. This was going to be fun.

Mikey grabbed a yearbook with a, "thank you" to the Headmaster and then flipped open to his year. He was surprised to find that he'd won three awards. The last one about explosions made him a little bit peeved, but he brushed it off. It was a little bit true, if they were comparing him to the rest of his yearmates. He hadn't caused an explosion yet, though.

After glancing at a few other pages, he shut the book and ran off to find the cotton candy stand. It was easy to find, and he thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of levitating as he walked eating it. He started making his way towards the rides when his roommate called out to him. Not specifically by name, but Mikey didn't have anyone else around him.

"Yeah, totally!" Mikey replied, and went to join him. He didn't really know Beau too well, except that he was from Jamaica, but this would be a good time to get to know him better. "Which ride do you want to go on first? One of my favorites is the soap bubble ride," he said. They had that one at the magical fair in Denver as well and he loved it.

  • How unfair.Beau Tate, Mon Dec 17 15:55
    Despite being forced to enter the horticulture competition-where Beau had managed to make something that was passable so he wouldn't shame himself or his family by being terrible but not great,... more
    • Let's make it fair then — Michael DiCaprio, Wed Dec 19 00:25
      • Sounds good to meBeau, Thu Dec 20 14:52
        Beau grinned as his roommate joined him. Even though they'd been sharing a room for two years now, they still didn't know each other well. He wasn't quite sure why since he didn't find anything... more
        • Sweet!Mikey, Fri Dec 21 18:32
          "Same here, they look so fun. Awesome, let's go!" Mikey led the way to the soap bubble ride, eager to get his adrenaline pumping. He liked the rush roller coasters and flying on brooms gave him, but... more
          • How about this one?Beau, Mon Dec 24 13:11
            Beau followed Mikey to the soap bubble ride. "No, I live in Jamaica so we don't really have state fairs. I don't really get many opportunities to do things like this." It wasn't just the location... more
            • Let's do itMikey, Thu Dec 27 13:07
              "Aw, that's too bad. Spending time on the beach sounds really awesome though. Colorado is landlocked, so I hardly ever get to see the ocean except when I visit my grandma in California. Are the... more
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