Gary Harper
What to do?
Thu Dec 20, 2018 19:42

Gary walked around the fair rather aimlessly. He looked around with mild disinterest at all of the various fair things, but didn't really feel like engaging with any of them. He was just in one of those moods. After covering the grounds a time or two, he found a bench and plopped down on it. He sighed and watched the crowd swirl around him before digging out his idea notebook. He had purposefully left his main notebooks and binders behind. He was going to the fair, that's no place to bury yourself in a notebook, it's a place to have fun and do things. So, he had limited himself to his little idea pad, just in case inspiration struck. Also a pencil or two, the notepad wouldn't be much good without them. And... maybe some dice, because you never know... but that was it. No other books or anything. He was here to have fun at the fair. So, why wasn't he? The thought bounced around a bit in his head. Why was he just sitting here on a bench watching everyone else have fun?

He finally saw it, he'd made his WIS check, and that led him to the cause of his apathy. In the midst of those crowds, the vast majority of the people were traveling in groups or pairs. That was what it boiled down to, he wanted someone to hang out with. Hmm... he had people to hang out with, didn't he? He had his D&D group, and maybe his roommate Jehan. Maybe he could even try to find Jasmine... that thought was struck down nearly instantaneously as his stomach twisted violently at the thought of the girl. That had been a new reaction, he'd had to analyze it later. He had a quest now, find some people to hang out with! He stood and considered his options, he hadn't recalled seeing anyone while he had been walking earlier, but he hadn't really been looking either. He was going to have to canvas the place again and see who he could find.

Walking around the crowds again, he began making purposeful perception checks. Apparently none of them got high enough, or they weren't out in the open. They must be inside one of the buildings. He turned towards one of the closest buildings, it was marked 'Fun House'. This could be 'fun'. It was not well lit inside the fun house, which increased the DC of the checks he needed to make, and the mirrors weren't making this any easier either. He stopped for a moment to look at 'cowboy' Gary, then at 'astronaut' Gary. Then he stood staring at one for awhile before muttering out loud to no one in particular, "I don't make the prettiest girl in the world."

  • Midsummer Fair (TUMBLEWEED)Headmaster Brockert, Tue Dec 11 04:57
    This year, regarding the Midsummer event, Mortimer had gotten lucky. The Arizona Magical State Fair had fallen at the right time for them to take advantage of it. This made his life significantly... more
    • House Cup WinnersDH Skies, Fri Jan 4 21:17
      Halfway through their time at the fair, the students of Sonora were gathered back in to the meeting point at which they had arrived. They had been forewarned of the expectation that they would come... more
    • It was his last full day as a Sonora Student. Tomorrow, he’d finish packing up his trunk, get on the wagon bound for the Northeast, and never see Sonora again. He was ready to move on to the next... more
    • Running out of ideas for titlesCaitlin Pierce, Thu Jan 3 02:59
      Caitlin was not entirely sure about this state fair thing. She thought it was nice to showcase things like needlework and painting. Indeed, it was especially nice to see the former given some... more
    • Doing the friendly roommate thing (tag Juniper)Georgia Kirkly, Tue Jan 1 13:17
      Georgia was pretty excited for the fair. If she was honest, it was her favourite kind of school event - maximum fun with minimum work on her part. She could see herself getting really stuck into the... more
      • Thanks, I appreciate itJuniper Brockert, Wed Jan 2 01:23
        Juniper sighed to herself. She was not really looking forward to going home for the summer. Yes, it would be nice to not have to be around people all the time, to have her own space to go to, but at... more
        • And now.... puppies?Georgia Kirkly, Fri Jan 4 05:35
          “Okay. Well.. me neither. If you want to hang out, we could. But you don’t have to,” Georgia added hurriedly. This was why it was really hard to socialise with Juniper… Not because her roommate was... more
          • Yup....and horsies?Juniper, Fri Jan 4 06:53
            Juniper actually found herself smiling at her roommate. "Sure, I would love to." Georgia was, after all, a person she was less scared of than anyone else other than of course, Finn and Tasha whom she ... more
            • Maaaaybe? Georgia, Sat Jan 5 00:27
              “That’s probably where they… weave in and out of poles,” Georgia replied, beginning the sentence before realising that she had no better words to describe it than Juniper had already used and which... more
    • All too soon (tag any fellow beginner grade)Evelyn Stones, Fri Dec 28 15:41
      Evelyn was determined. She usually was and there was nothing unusual at all about the way she set her shoulders, held her chin up, and painted on the most awful orange lipstick she could find from... more
      • Not soon enough Heinrich Hexenmeister, Thu Jan 3 10:07
        Heinrich was initially concerned when he found his face beside four of the fifteen awards given to the second year class in the yearbook, which was more than any other one person in his year... more
        • Easy for you to say!Evelyn Stones, Thu Jan 3 17:06
          Evelyn was surprised to find Heinrich bumping into her so literally as he usually seemed so composed and careful. The delicious smelling food in his hands was as good as any excuse; Evelyn didn't... more
          • "It is like apple . . . pastry?" he explained what his strudel was, not entirely certain of the English words. "You try?" he offered, breaking off a piece and holding it out toward her, and feeling... more
    • No prizes for guessing where I'll beCleo James, Thu Dec 27 09:32
      Cleo was excited for the state fair. She and her daddy had been to them, or to similar, small scale local versions, on occasion, both magical and muggle, seeing as he was muggleborn. Their favourite... more
      • One isn't necessaryIvy Brockert, Fri Dec 28 22:38
        Ivy had mostly had a pretty good fourth year at Sonora,other than facing some slight and puzzling rudeness from a younger student. She had gotten involved with the paper and she was really enjoying... more
        • But is very niceCleo, Mon Dec 31 10:50
          "Oh, hi Ivy," Cleo greeted the other girl. She had often noted Ivy's name when it came up in roll call, especially during herbology where it seemed kind of funny, like Professor Xavier had switched... more
          • AgreedIvy, Thu Jan 3 02:00
            "That's really cool. Congratulations." Ivy smiled at Cleo. She knew that the Crotalus had to have had kind of a hard year, what with being outed as a veela and all. She could not begin to imagine how ... more
    • I am . . . very Aladren apparently.Zevalyn Ives, Wed Dec 26 09:14
      Zevalyn was very excited about the magical state fair. She had been to the muggle one before, of course, and she was eager to see how the magical one compared. Plus, Arizona was her state so this was ... more
      • No shame in thatEmerald Brockert, Wed Dec 26 19:18
        Emerald had never been to a state fair before and she had to admit she was rather curious to experience one. The last fair had been an international festival and she'd been involved with the South... more
        • None at allZevalyn Ives, Wed Jan 2 09:14
          Zevalyn smiled at Emerald. Zevalyn’s perception of who was in which year was a bit skewed as she had jumped two grades in the last six years, so some of the fourth and fifth years she was a bit fuzzy ... more
          • In fact, it's something to be proud ofEmerald, Wed Jan 2 20:34
            Emerald was pleased that Zevalyn agreed with her. It wasn't as if people could be voted for being the most something of a house that was not there own and she wasn't saying that Zevalyn could have... more
            • Rescuing you from the bad elementWinston Pierce, Wed Jan 2 22:28
              Winston’s first thought upon seeing the yearbook was “Oh Merlin, that’s a bad picture of me.” This was was swiftly followed by “Oh! Wow, I got Most Representative of Crotalus!” That was a proud... more
    • Ending on a highKyte Collindale, Sun Dec 23 13:01
      Kyte was glad that his last event was the fair. It was the second best thing after the fire. The ball was stuffy and dull. The concert was work if you were in it, and usually boring if you were stuck ... more
    • A good yearNathan Xavier, Thu Dec 20 20:19
      Nathan walked among the horticulture displays, partly supervising the students checking out the schools' contributions, but mostly enjoying the horticultural displays for himself, both those made by... more
      • The last year, anywayNevaeh Reed, Mon Dec 31 13:18
        So this was it. She had spent seven years in this place, being led and trying to lead as best she could, and above all else, learning. Nevaeh had learned a lot, both academically (obviously) and... more
        • May the next be less awkwardNathan, Wed Jan 2 10:45
          “Absolutely,” he promised, glad that he’d already picked out where Nevaeh’s entry was in preparation of showing it off to Isis later. “We’re standing next to the a Beginner’s planters, now,” he told... more
          • Fingers crossedNevaeh (and Scout), Wed Jan 2 20:10
            Scout was a good boy. He helped his human navigate her very different world, and he was quiet and well-behaved. He took his responsibilities very seriously and was only playful when it was... more
            • Re: Fingers crossedNathan, Thu Jan 3 13:29
              Nathan was surprised. He probably shouldn’t have been, having known Nevaeh as long as he had, but he was still a little surprised that she actually voiced her concerns and doubts instead of keeping... more
    • What to do? — Gary Harper, Thu Dec 20 19:42
      • Messing with gender's always a good optionNess McLeod, Fri Dec 21 12:25
        Ness was excited for the fair. It sounded like a chance to learn a lot, and see some pretty cool magic. It also involved scare-you-silly rides and all kinds of weird foods. Ness was not a fan of some ... more
        • Is it nice to confuse inanimate objects?Gary, Fri Dec 21 21:15
          Gary watched Ness mess with the mirror and smiled. He noticed his own reflection perk up accordingly. "You may be right..." He looked at the slightly dumpy girl looking back at him. She had straight, ... more
          • Ness watched curiously as Gary also managed to shift his reflection somewhat. It was hard to tell whether it was just the confidence he projected with the new stance or whether things about the... more
            • How can you tell?Gary, Sat Dec 22 16:28
              "I wonder if it has some 'mood ring' type properties as well", Gary thought out loud as he continued to consider the mirror. As the analytical part of his brain kicked into action, he rubbed his chin ... more
              • “I suspect each mirror is limited to a single property. There may be others that are linked to mood or something, but it’s probably much more complicated. I’ve read about mirrors that do things like... more
                • Gary studied Ness for just a few moments, "I think you're right, as far as being a better test subject than me for this trial." He looks back into the mirror and assumes, what he thinks, is a much... more
                  • Ness nodded along, loving that Gary casually used terminology like ‘baseline’ and ‘visual feedback loop’ in casual conversation. Or perhaps it wasn’t casual - perhaps he was talking this way because... more
    • Being myself Dorian Montoir, Thu Dec 20 11:53
      Dorian was excited for the fair. It seemed like there would be a lot to see and do there. It was sort of like a museum, only outside, and with things that ordinary people had made. Whilst he admired... more
      • Good for you!Connor Priory, Sat Dec 29 21:57
        Connor was really excited to go to the state fair. He had never been to one before. Because of his mother's back problems, they didn't get to do much that wasn't local unless it was a family thing... more
        • Um, thanksDorian, Sun Dec 30 04:57
          "I made a calligraphy," Dorian answered, his tone quiet and neutral. He was unsure, after saying it, whether 'made' was the right verb in English, but he did not know Connor well enough to seek... more
          • You're welcomeConnor, Wed Jan 2 00:31
            "Oh that's really neat." Connor replied. Just because calligraphy wasn't one of his own talents didn't mean he looked down on it. Some people were like that. According to Uncle Adam, it was the... more
    • This looks fairly promisingIsaac Song, Wed Dec 19 01:49
      It had only been one little walk, albeit with quite a serious talk, but already Isaac wanted to spend more time getting to know her. He didn't know if it was developing into a crush or anything,... more
      • I scream, you scream....Natalie Atwater, Fri Dec 21 03:15
        There were a few things Natalie was looking forward to about the summer. They would, of course, be going to St. Berylla's and Livilia for part of the break. That meant swimming, boating,... more
        • Ahhhh!Isaac, Fri Dec 21 18:53
          Isaac shrugged at the thought of screaming ice cream. "I bet they do. I mean, why not? Hopefully it's not too loud though." He grinned at her. "Do you think you could eat screaming ice cream?" he... more
          • That's magic for youNatalie, Wed Dec 26 20:33
            Natalie nodded. " I have before. They serve it at some of the upscale ice cream shops I've been to. I don't think it tastes different or serves any purpose other than just being magical though."... more
            • Gotta love itIsaac, Thu Dec 27 13:52
              "Right," Isaac replied, agreeing that there wasn't anything particularly special about it screaming. "I can see why I've never tried it before. My mom would hate this. It would have driven her crazy... more
              • I sure doNatalie, Sun Dec 30 16:12
                "My mother tolerated it. Father was less impressed and my sister didn't care for things like that at all." Kelsey thought that it was a silly way to use magic and served no purpose. And that it was... more
    • The penultimate end.Lily Spencer, Tue Dec 18 17:17
      The Fair was always the most exciting Midsummer Event, and this one threatened to top the cake. Lily had never been to a state fair before and she was looking forward to it. Getting off school... more
      • We’re here to enjoy some rides not get maudlinJozua Sparks, Thu Jan 3 11:08
        Jozua dressed in trousers and a short sleeved shirt for the fair, figuring robes would just get in the way on rides and in the crowds, and who knew what they might get dragged through. Best to just... more
        • Let’s find the scariest onesLily, Sat Jan 5 01:40
          Lily grinned. “I saved you a spot, but if you’d taken too long... Luckily you found me first,” she replied with a wink. “What’s going on here?” she asked, touching his hair briefly. “Have they got a... more
          • Works for meJozua, Fri Jan 11 20:20
            Jozua felt a little tingly as Lily touched his hair, though he really wasn't sure if the light flush warming his cheeks was from that or just the simple embarrassment of having electric purple hair.... more
    • SatisfiedTopaz Brockert, Tue Dec 18 14:42
      The fair wasn't something that Topaz felt was going to be very interesting. Carnival rides were for children and even though she'd had to be entered in the horticulture competition-her entry full of... more
    • How unfair.Beau Tate, Mon Dec 17 15:55
      Despite being forced to enter the horticulture competition-where Beau had managed to make something that was passable so he wouldn't shame himself or his family by being terrible but not great,... more
      • Let's make it fair thenMichael DiCaprio, Wed Dec 19 00:25
        Of the fair, Mikey was most excited about the horticulture contest. He and the rest of his classmates had submitted something to it. While he had struggled a lot in the beginning of the year, by the... more
        • Sounds good to meBeau, Thu Dec 20 14:52
          Beau grinned as his roommate joined him. Even though they'd been sharing a room for two years now, they still didn't know each other well. He wasn't quite sure why since he didn't find anything... more
          • Sweet!Mikey, Fri Dec 21 18:32
            "Same here, they look so fun. Awesome, let's go!" Mikey led the way to the soap bubble ride, eager to get his adrenaline pumping. He liked the rush roller coasters and flying on brooms gave him, but... more
            • How about this one?Beau, Mon Dec 24 13:11
              Beau followed Mikey to the soap bubble ride. "No, I live in Jamaica so we don't really have state fairs. I don't really get many opportunities to do things like this." It wasn't just the location... more
              • Let's do itMikey, Thu Dec 27 13:07
                "Aw, that's too bad. Spending time on the beach sounds really awesome though. Colorado is landlocked, so I hardly ever get to see the ocean except when I visit my grandma in California. Are the... more
    • The End (Tag Joe)Tasha DuBois, Sun Dec 16 10:05
      Tasha was rather excited about the fair. She had gone to fairs before but never a magical state fair so she was quite looking forward to the new experience. Especially the food. Fairs in general had... more
      • GatecrashingRaine Collindale, Sun Dec 23 12:19
        Raine was excited for the fair. It sounded like there were going to be a lot of fun things to see and do. It was also way more easy to dress for than the ball. Raine had never bothered with super... more
        • Welcome to the party.Joe Umland, Fri Dec 28 22:33
          There were a few fragments floating around Joe’s head which he could not date accurately, which made it difficult to say exactly what his first memory was, but one of the first ones he could place... more
          • Glad you could join usTasha, Sat Dec 29 18:15
            Tasha looked over at the sound of Raine Collindale's voice and her heart sank. Joe was probably going to go off with the other Teppenpaw instead and leave her on her own. She didn't really have... more
            • Let's get this show on the roadRaine, Sun Dec 30 05:11
              Tasha seemed fine with Raine joining them, and the Teppenpaw's posture relaxed a bit. In fact, Tasha was actually smiling at her, and Raine returned it. Her expression wasn't so effusive as Tasha's... more
              • “Food’s good,” agreed Joe, pleased to see everyone getting along. This, he thought, was why he thought he and Julian were closer these days. Well, part of it was just that he was old enough for them... more
                • Let's enjoy it while we can.Tasha, Mon Dec 31 22:56
                  Well, not only was she not being rejected and left on her own, they were even agreeable to her suggestion of trying different food. Raine even returned her smile, though the Teppenpaw girl seemed a... more
                  • And then enjoy what comes nextRaine, Tue Jan 1 10:08
                    Raine was never sure how seriously to take these offers. Look me up if you’re ever passing through… That was different than ‘come visit,’ less intense, and people could even say the second one... more
                    • Travel, work. These plans were not altogether surprising given the speakers. Joe nodded. “You’re both more ambitious than me, then,” he said. “I’m planning to spend a lot of time doing not much of... more
    • Catch me if you can (Jasmine)Peyton O'Malley, Thu Dec 13 17:26
      Peyton was really excited about the fair. Even though she was normally not even remotely competitive, Ivy and Connor had really encouraged her to enter a baking competition that was being held, so... more
      • I can't catch you, you're the gingerbread manJasmine, Fri Dec 21 12:58
        Jasmine loved making cookies. More than that, she loved decorating cookies. So when Peyton asked her to help with her gingerbread people, Jasmine had been delighted to agree. Peyton was a great... more
        • Let it goPeyton, Thu Dec 27 17:57
          Peyton held her breath as Jasmine attempted to lasso the gingerbread man-that one was decidedly male, not because boys behaved worse than girls did, after all Ryan obviously was better behaved than... more
          • Can't hold him back anymoreJasmine, Mon Dec 31 09:22
            Jasmine watched the gingerman run off out of sight and wished him a good life. Albeit a naked life without the benefit of beautiful clothes like his batch-mates were going to have. It was his own... more
            • There are other problems to deal withPeyton, Tue Jan 1 03:41
              Peyton considered this. "Possibly. Sometimes things just go wrong with magic and with food both." She paused. "I wonder if they're safe to even eat." "We're not! We'll make you sick! Don't eat us!"... more
              • There always areJasmine, Thu Jan 3 19:58
                Jasmine bit her lip as she looked at the cookies, not having considered that they might not be safe to eat, if it was the fault of the flour. Mostly she'd just thought something might be off with the ... more
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