If they're tools of the patriarchy, then yes
Sat Dec 22, 2018 02:05

Ness watched curiously as Gary also managed to shift his reflection somewhat. It was hard to tell whether it was just the confidence he projected with the new stance or whether things about the appearance were also changing. Either way, the girl in the mirror looked tough and cool and powerful. Ness liked her.

“She looks strong. That’s better than being pretty,” Ness nodded approvingly.

Gary hesitated for a moment over how to refer to Ness before settling on the word sibling. Whilst it was possible he’d had a chance to pick that up from Kir, the first year was still impressed. People often struggled to find gender neutral words, even when they were common, everyday things. They were just so programmed into not using them, into dividing everyone up and labelling them.

“Yeah. I’m Ness,” the first year informed him with a smile. “And I don’t avoid you.” Ness pondered how to explain the fact that Kir’s message had constantly been ‘butt out and go make your own friends.’ Ness was worried that drawing attention to that fact would cause Gary to retract his offer because he wouldn’t want to upset one of his players. Also it wasn’t nice to have to showcase how you weren’t wanted around by someone. “Kir always says it’s his thing and that I won’t understand what’s going on,” Ness shrugged, feeling like this covered pretty much the truth but without sounding quite so negative. “I’d like to join though.” Kir was older than Gary and a prefect but it was Gary’s game, so Ness was pretty sure he overruled Kir in that situation. “Lily’s only got one more year, so maybe I can be like… an apprentice next year. Would I take over Ronin or make a new character of my own? Or is Amelia next in line for that?” Ness added, keen to show she knew at least something of the game. Kir had chatted about it plenty in the holidays before Ness had joined the school, when piquing his sibling’s interest hadn’t seemed like such a dangerous move.

  • Is it nice to confuse inanimate objects?Gary, Fri Dec 21 21:15
    Gary watched Ness mess with the mirror and smiled. He noticed his own reflection perk up accordingly. "You may be right..." He looked at the slightly dumpy girl looking back at him. She had straight, ... more
    • If they're tools of the patriarchy, then yes — Ness, Sat Dec 22 02:05
      • How can you tell?Gary, Sat Dec 22 16:28
        "I wonder if it has some 'mood ring' type properties as well", Gary thought out loud as he continued to consider the mirror. As the analytical part of his brain kicked into action, he rubbed his chin ... more
        • “I suspect each mirror is limited to a single property. There may be others that are linked to mood or something, but it’s probably much more complicated. I’ve read about mirrors that do things like... more
          • Gary studied Ness for just a few moments, "I think you're right, as far as being a better test subject than me for this trial." He looks back into the mirror and assumes, what he thinks, is a much... more
            • Ness nodded along, loving that Gary casually used terminology like ‘baseline’ and ‘visual feedback loop’ in casual conversation. Or perhaps it wasn’t casual - perhaps he was talking this way because... more
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