How can you tell?
Sat Dec 22, 2018 16:28

"I wonder if it has some 'mood ring' type properties as well", Gary thought out loud as he continued to consider the mirror. As the analytical part of his brain kicked into action, he rubbed his chin thoughtfully. His feminine counterpart did likewise. "What sort of experiments could we run to find out what variables it is analyzing to come up with it's results? If we could figure those out, we could make it show us however we wanted." He pulled out his notepad and pencil. When he looked in the mirror again, the girl now held a clipboard and was wearing a lab coat. "Huh, neat."

He considered Ness' explanation a moment. "Well, that's probably true... but next year I'm probably going to start a new game with new characters. I was thinking about doing that this year, but they were having fun." He stopped talking for a moment to consider something and started off into space for a moment. "Did I tell them that when we met up last time? Heh, I may not have. Oops. I may have to try and catch some of them yet." He shrugged, "Oh well. They've been playing long enough that they can create their own characters instead of some generic pre-gens I made two years ago."

"Anyway," he continued, "I always like bringing new people into the hobby. It's a fun way to spend time with friends. The game usually works best with four to six players, so we'll have to see who wants to play again." He grinned, "If there's enough people, maybe we can get a second game going. Know anyone else that may be interested in playing?"

  • Ness watched curiously as Gary also managed to shift his reflection somewhat. It was hard to tell whether it was just the confidence he projected with the new stance or whether things about the... more
    • How can you tell? — Gary, Sat Dec 22 16:28
      • “I suspect each mirror is limited to a single property. There may be others that are linked to mood or something, but it’s probably much more complicated. I’ve read about mirrors that do things like... more
        • Gary studied Ness for just a few moments, "I think you're right, as far as being a better test subject than me for this trial." He looks back into the mirror and assumes, what he thinks, is a much... more
          • Ness nodded along, loving that Gary casually used terminology like ‘baseline’ and ‘visual feedback loop’ in casual conversation. Or perhaps it wasn’t casual - perhaps he was talking this way because... more
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