They enforce gender norms or otherwise do oppressive things
Sun Dec 23, 2018 03:03

“I suspect each mirror is limited to a single property. There may be others that are linked to mood or something, but it’s probably much more complicated. I’ve read about mirrors that do things like show your deepest desire but like… It’s the stuff of legends. Even magical people debate that it exists. The best I can guess for this shifting is that as the light catches our face from different angles or we stand in different ways, it “notices” different features to accentuate. There are plenty of spells that react differently based on sex or gender - take the corridors at school for example, though I’m still trying to work out which one they’re actually programmed to. I need to do further studies, but the trouble is the experiment kind of hurts. I suppose, for these... Well, I guess I'm a pretty good test subject. We already know that it's not linked to biological sex, otherwise it would know for sure with me. So, it's trying to read what's on the surface to decide and alter our gender. Lily would be good too but we probably can't ask them to just come here and be part of an experiment,” Ness mused sadly, "I guess we could approach the mirror thinking or expecting different things and see whether what we're shown changes, or also try to.... present ourselves differently physically but with a neutral mind? I'm not sure how we'd alter our appearances much though. I mean, there's various spells but not ones I can do. I guess we could use your pen and try using it like eyeliner to see if it reads make up as a female signifier and like... draw little beards on ourselves because that would be a classically male signifier. Or stuff our t-shirts to make us look more like girls. You can do the cleaning charm, right, so we'd be able to get it off again? Not that I mind going around with a little moustache drawn on me, it might be kind of funny, but I don't want to be permanently wearing eyeliner."

Gary would probably have been surprised to learn that Ness found him undeniably cool. He had had the starting advantage of being an older student and friends with Kir, which made him both intriguing and, according to Kir, off-limits. The game he ran sounded fun, and now he was revealing himself to be the kind of person who brought a notebook along to a funfair and analysed the magic he was encountering, which was something Ness highly approved of. Gary was definitely awesome, and Ness hoped that making some intelligent contributions about the mirrors would mean he thought the same.

“I’d definitely like to join," Ness added, when he talked about involving more people in the game, "And I bet my friend Evelyn would too. I’ll see her later and I can ask.”

  • How can you tell?Gary, Sat Dec 22 16:28
    "I wonder if it has some 'mood ring' type properties as well", Gary thought out loud as he continued to consider the mirror. As the analytical part of his brain kicked into action, he rubbed his chin ... more
    • They enforce gender norms or otherwise do oppressive things — Ness, Sun Dec 23 03:03
      • Gary studied Ness for just a few moments, "I think you're right, as far as being a better test subject than me for this trial." He looks back into the mirror and assumes, what he thinks, is a much... more
        • Ness nodded along, loving that Gary casually used terminology like ‘baseline’ and ‘visual feedback loop’ in casual conversation. Or perhaps it wasn’t casual - perhaps he was talking this way because... more
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