Emerald Brockert
No shame in that
Wed Dec 26, 2018 19:18

Emerald had never been to a state fair before and she had to admit she was rather curious to experience one. The last fair had been an international festival and she'd been involved with the South Korea booth. It had been a lot of fun. This, however, was not the same thing but hopefully it would be fun in its own way.

She hadn't entered any of the competitions though. Emerald wasn't really talented in any of the areas that were being showcased. She did well enough in COMC and Herbology but wasn't a big plant or animal person. Same with needlework, she knew how to do it but wasn't really into it enough to enter. Nor did she cook, paint or do photography. Her main hobbies were reading and learning. There was no competition for that.

Not that it mattered, Emerald really wasn't that competitive by nature. She had nothing to prove to anyone.

However, her sisters and cousin were entered in the horticulture contest, Ruby by choice and Topaz and Allegra because the beginners had done products in their herbology class. She would go see that. Emerald felt Allegra could have entered the quilting competition for her age division but the Crotalus was too shy and unsure of herself to enter anything unless forced. The fifth year sincerely hoped Allegra would beat Topaz.

Or maybe not. Topaz would surely not take it well if the other first year beat her at something. And she would take it out on Allegra too. Topaz was petty like that.

Emerald received her yearbook and flipped to the fifth year page, most interested in seeing what she had won. Most likely to be found in the library. True. She did spend lots of time there.

She went back to the whole school page and snickered. Topaz had won Worst Enemies with her roommate. The fifth year couldn't blame them for not liking each other. Her sister was a little demon that nobody would want to share with but she couldn't completely side with the other girl either because on a visceral level, she reminded Emerald of Lily Spencer so, ew. Topaz was probably actually right about Nessa being disrespectful and thinking she was better than Topaz and not for any of the reasons why anyone should think themselves so.

She turned to the first year page and groaned inwardly. Topaz had gotten biggest brain? Great, now she was going to be more insufferable than ever, especially as Emerald hadn't won it.

Before she could look and see what Ruby got, she heard someone speak and looked up to see Zevalyn Ives. "Congratulations." Emerald replied. "I mean, I'd certainly rather be very Aladrenish then Pecari-ish, for example."

  • I am . . . very Aladren apparently.Zevalyn Ives, Wed Dec 26 09:14
    Zevalyn was very excited about the magical state fair. She had been to the muggle one before, of course, and she was eager to see how the magical one compared. Plus, Arizona was her state so this was ... more
    • No shame in that — Emerald Brockert, Wed Dec 26 19:18
      • None at allZevalyn Ives, Wed Jan 2 09:14
        Zevalyn smiled at Emerald. Zevalyn’s perception of who was in which year was a bit skewed as she had jumped two grades in the last six years, so some of the fourth and fifth years she was a bit fuzzy ... more
        • In fact, it's something to be proud ofEmerald, Wed Jan 2 20:34
          Emerald was pleased that Zevalyn agreed with her. It wasn't as if people could be voted for being the most something of a house that was not there own and she wasn't saying that Zevalyn could have... more
          • Rescuing you from the bad elementWinston Pierce, Wed Jan 2 22:28
            Winston’s first thought upon seeing the yearbook was “Oh Merlin, that’s a bad picture of me.” This was was swiftly followed by “Oh! Wow, I got Most Representative of Crotalus!” That was a proud... more
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