Gotta love it
Thu Dec 27, 2018 13:52

"Right," Isaac replied, agreeing that there wasn't anything particularly special about it screaming. "I can see why I've never tried it before. My mom would hate this. It would have driven her crazy having three kids with screaming ice cream cones." Younger Isaac would've purposefully driven her crazy with it just for fun too. They didn't really visit ice cream shops because his mom was strict about sweets, but on the occasion it was usually at the beach or someplace casual.

Isaac took another lick of his ice cream, and then took a little bite out of it. "Nice. I got butterscotch. It's not my favorite, but I was feeling it today." He took another lick. "I think I'm getting used to it," he said. "It's entertaining to say the least. I think I saw a taco walking by. That might be fun to try later." The magical community was always so fun, and even though his group of best friends back home were Muggles, he didn't stray far from magical communities when he was with family or in Korea.

Sometimes Isaac felt sorry that his best friends couldn't share these moments with him. They were seriously missing out on all that magic had to offer, and he couldn't even tell them about it. It sucked.

"Yeah, let's go on some rides. Looks like there's a roller coaster, flying teacups, bucking broomstick, soap bubbles... any of those catch your interest? I just have to be back soon for the bread contest. I submitted a loaf I baked and the results are supposed to come out in an hour or so."

  • That's magic for youNatalie, Wed Dec 26 20:33
    Natalie nodded. " I have before. They serve it at some of the upscale ice cream shops I've been to. I don't think it tastes different or serves any purpose other than just being magical though."... more
    • Gotta love it — Isaac, Thu Dec 27 13:52
      • I sure doNatalie, Sun Dec 30 16:12
        "My mother tolerated it. Father was less impressed and my sister didn't care for things like that at all." Kelsey thought that it was a silly way to use magic and served no purpose. And that it was... more
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